Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blessing for the Old and the New

Great Spirit, we stand today
A thin veil between the passing year
Awaiting the coming new.

To add to this great Mystery of turning calendar pages
Great Spirit, you have gifted us a Blue Moon.
Something that comes usually but once a year.
To this is added a sky wonder of a Lunar Eclipse.
Reminding us there is much old business to attend.

Great Spirit, Father Time, guide us with Courage,
That we may look at what no longer serves us,
Us as singular beings and US as collective beings.
Guide us toward the highest good.
May we be grateful for the teachings of this past year,
Some bringing sorrow, others joy and laughter.

Great Spirit, Father Time, guide us with Hope and Open Hearts,
For there is much wonder and mystery before us.
Teach us the ways of looking behind for the growth,
Not in anger and hurt.
Teach and guide us that Love, Peace, and Compassion
Are the path.
Guide us with and in Kindness.

Great Spirit, Father Time,
We are children coming to the party
This eve, full of excitement for what may be;
Guide us to hold that place of excitement and awe
A place that has no expectations.
All is Mystery and Wonder.
Father Time, we thank you for this last year
With all that we lived.
We look forwarded to the new image of you as a baby.
How wonderful to be reminded that sometimes, something dies
For the new to come in to being.
Thank you Great Spirit, Father Time
May the New Year bring Prosperity, Health and Love
To all.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to the Returning Sun

Happy Hanukah, Blessed Solstice, Merry Christmas, a Bright Kwanzaa,
to Winter and Returning Sun

The cycle turns and we head into Winter in a very big way here in Maine.
Dawn begins to break after the longest night, the snow plows quiet, the snow for the moment has stopped - too cold even for it. 0 degrees!
The beginning of the cycle always finds me sitting with the night as I wait for the morning to come.
To wake the Winter.

Yes, I am a winter Baby, born in the coldest month of the season.
I wish to gift you with Love, full of Magic.
The Magic of this Season we call Winter.
The time of the Ancestor's -we stand in the North.
The whole Universe takes part in this Dance!

I wish for you Love and Compassion covering you as the Snow blankets Mother Earth, insulating her from the cold.

The brightness of Diamonds sparkling at every turn, may they remind you to be Gracious and Kind.

I wish for you Joy, bring out the child and
Delight as though each day were big flakes of snow gently falling on your out stretched tongue.

I wish for you Laughter that fills your belly,
and brings tears to your eyes.

I wish for you the Comfort of Friends, like a warm Winter fire and cups of Hot Coca.

I wish for you a Happiness, enough to share with the people you meet on the street, that you don't know.
A Smile to warm them and you.

May you find a Gentleness in the Quiet and Magic of this Season.

May you find it in your Heart and Body to Dance and make Merry!
For the whole of the Universe does indeed Dance with Us.

Bright Blessings to you and your Kin, however you may
Celebrate this Season!

I invite you to find Warmth in your Heat to chase the Cold Winter outside.

May you have Safety in your travels, as though you were snuggled in with Mother Bear for a long Winter nap.

Know that you are made of Stardust, your Essence shining like a Beacon to guide you on your way.

May the Divine Bless and keep you in it's Eye and Heart.

Happy Hanukah, Blessed Solstice, Merry Christmas, a Bright Kwanzaa,
to Winter and Returning Sun

22.12. 08

Snow Angel made in the wee hours of the morning after our first snow '09

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Chanukah.

The light is just beginning to fade.
It's been a cloudy day.
This beginning of Chanukah
The Festival of Lights,
What if...
We all let our inner light shine.
And all the seasons Celebrations
Were about returning to the core Nature of US.
Our light shining out into the world,
Each and everyone
Full of The brightness of us?

The Light this time of year is Magical,
The Sun rises and settings.
The way the Moon bounces it's Light
Over fields covered in Snow.
Yes, the Festival of Lights.

Blessings and Happy Chanukah,
May your inner light shine forth,
Lighting a path of Peace
May we all dance with love in our Hearts.

Blessing to all this Chanukah.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stumble and Fall...

Creator Mother
Guide me,
To understand my obstacles,
That they may show me a gentler way to be.
When I stumble and fall,
It is not that I am failing,
I have tripped because my eyes were shut.
Allow my heart to open to all.
Invite my emotions to be true to the moment.
Not some long ago hurt or situation.

Creator Mother,
Soften the words of anger against myself,
For when I am kinder to myself,
I find my kindness flows like a river.
Guide me to use what is no longer needed by me
To create a loving space for others.
Help me to create a community of caring.

Creator Mother,
Teach me the ways of being alone.
Warp your love around me, when I am lonely.
I have learned these two spaces are different.
It is the lonely that I struggle with.
Teach me to be gentle here,
That I can move forward with compassion.

Creator Mother,
Help me to be there for friend and enemy when
We stumble and fall.
We are all your children, all in need of love.
Guide me in love.
I give Thanks for this day.

photo taken at the studio of Naked Earth.
Thank you DKG.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow, Snow Come and Play

Thank you Snow,
Great Creator, thank you for this beauty
First snow of the season.
Happy does it make us.
The way it lays a blanket
Of kindness,
Come out and Play it sings.
Great Creator, does it delight you as well?
This first snow?
There is lurking so much magic
In the fluff of it all.
So many different shapes!
All come together in Harmony.
A whisper of silence and Peace,
Showing us the way it could be.
Perhaps if we fell from the sky?
Great Creator, Snow Goddess
Thank you, for this First Snow.
This covering of gladness and Mystery.
Thank you, and now I have to go,
It wants me to come play!

photo of 1st snow '09 in the early AM

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Enough? What does it really mean?

Oh, Mother
I want to lay in your arms
Be held safe.
I wish to weep, and moan
Why am I not enough?
At the same time I hear all around me
Oh, my she is too much, she's so intense.
What do these labels mean.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Let my tears fall to bring growth.
Let my eyes and face shine with the
Glory of Life,
The Mystery of Being.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Remind me that I am enough.
That I am ME - which is all you ask of me
My tears fall like a river,
I long to be held,
To laugh with myself and another deep into the dark.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Today, I feel like a motherless child.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Show me, a way to be gentle to myself.
Have Compassion for the times I am lonely.
Enough, I want to understand what that truly means.
Are we all not Enough for us?
For the Great Mystery, the Divine Nature?
Hold me Sweet Mother,
I am but a Motherless child.
So, very grateful for your love wrapped around me.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Till the tears turn to laughter.
Shelter me

Friday, December 4, 2009

Saint Theresa's Prayer

May today there be peace within..

May you trust the Universe that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities
that are born of faith in the Universe and Yourself.

May you use those gifts that you have received ,
and pass on the love that has been given to you.

May you be confident knowing you are a child of the Universe. Let this presence settle into your bones,
and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance,
praise and love.

It is there for each and every one of us.

I didn't write this - this is old as is the Metta Prayer. We all learn to share in our hopes and prayers.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Prayer this Day of Giving Thanks

We come together as Family and Friends
We come together to share our Gratitude.

We pray and sing of all that is Joyous.
Yea, let us also sing of our Sorrows,
Here this day in the company of Love.
For is our Life not made of both?

Have we not found Thankfulness,
In our times of Sorrow?
Sadness hiding for a moment
When we are full of Joy?

Yea, let us be Thankful for all
The pearls of Hope,
Found held in our hands.

Pearls of Friendship
Shelter and Food.
Strung together with Love, Compassion
And the Grace of the Divine Universe.

Let us be Thankful not just for today
For each moment that we are able to
Have Breathe, to sing, dance, Love.

Let us be Thankful for Life
That is Lived
Moments and days so brilliant, the light may never dim.
Followed and marked by the Ordinary, the Mundane for they make
For the Extraordinary that takes our Breath away.

Let us pray and sing a Song of Gladness and Gratitude.
Let our Voices rise that none need live in Fear.
Let there be Hope.
May our voices Rise to shelter those in need.
May we find a way to forgive , when we see that we are holding Anger.

Yea, Let us Sing our Praise of Thankfulness.
For all the days of our Life.


I am Thankful to you my Friends, the Pearls of my life.
Thank you for sharing all the moments.
Laughter and tears.
May you feel my love wrap round you, giving you shelter in time of Storm and Sun.
Thank you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Never Lost

Goddess of travel,
I thank you for your guidance
For taking me in ways that I made contact
With others,
No one found the tears unsettling
Now I want to say ~ it'll be dark
You'll be fine.
Go down the street, big signs,
No one said, You can't miss it!
I was thankful.
Goddess of travel,
I am here.
I am safe.
I am with friends.
Thank you, for your guidance or somewhat miss,
Yet not wrong turns.
Thank you for the adventure of getting here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Grateful for Choice

Ah, Creator,
Today I wake and know
You have given me a gift.
I can choose,
how I will interact with the world today.
I ask for guidance,
Gratitude, Compassion, Hope
Needing less, sharing more.
Yes, it is a gift
This right of Choice.
May I choose a path of kindness.
Blessings I offer to you, Creator.
May you find pleasure in my choices.

picture by Elaine Lilley

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hands of Grace

Let this be my prayer.
May I walk softly,
Leaving a trace of kindness.
May I speak softly,
From my Heart.
May my Hands do work that is meaningful.
Guide me toward gifting Grace.
As I have been gifted.
I ask Creator that you hear my prayer
That you know my Gratitude.
Hear my sorrows, concerns and Joy.
That you guide me in my work.
Guide my hands in helping.
Let them work toward good.
By your Grace, I sing to you.
Let this be a prayer
For Hands that work in Grace.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goddess of Courage

Goddess of Courage,
Thank you for standing with me.
Some days feel so difficult to bare,
Goddess of Courage,
Guide me to my true Nature.
A Nature full of Laughter with myself.
Show me the ways of Compassion for myself
That in turn I may share with others.
Goddess of Courage,
Teach me that to care for myself is a Selfless Act.
I need to learn that I need to come first,
That I may then care for those in need.
Goddess of Courage,
Know that I am grateful for the obstacles I have walked.
I am beautiful to my eyes,
Help me shine bright that others may shine as well.
Goddess of Courage,
Thank you for walking with me.
May I continue to grow and serve.
Thank you, Goddess of Courage

photo of Crow by

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day November 11th

Dear Lord, I beg you
Guide us humans to compassion and respect.
Teach us to live without War.
Dear Lord, as we still find it necessary
To belittle, to fight, to have power over
Our neighbors, as well as those we don't even know
I ask that you keep our Soldiers safe,
Guide them from the heart in what they are asked to do.
I ask that you bring them home.
That all Soldiers may look each other in the eye
To truly see that We are all not so different.
Dear Lord,
Guide us to compassion and respect.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today - Novemeber 10th 2009

Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Father Sky
Today, I wish to say Thank you.
Thank you for so many things.
The privilege of life,
To breathe another day.
Life, with it's ups and downs.
The gifts of friends and concerns.
Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Father Sky
I am so blessed.
There are not enough ways for me to say
Thank you.
I ask that you guide me today
In this place of wonder and gratitude.
Thank you,
Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Father Sky

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moon of Fire

La Luna, I am so grateful
This early eve, I sit with you
Holding your rising in my heart.
In my sorrow, I saw you rise Gold
Full of Fire, throwing light on the darkness.
What shadows lay hidden in the heart?
My heart?
La Luna, Grandmother in the sky
Show me the ways to diminish, my sorrow
Guide me to the fullness of Grief, of Happiness.
You who goes into her darkness, slowly returning
To your brightness, to again invite yourself
Your beauty reminds me that we all have bright and darkness.
La Luna, I am most grateful for your gift of light
This eve, so much sadness with me today.
Thank you for the reminder of beauty in our broken world.
Some day, we will all understand.
We will all know how our fear feeds itself.
La Luna, come shine your light the night is almost done.
Soon La Luna, the dawn.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moon FIre

The Moon full,
Dia de los Muertos.
We stood together in your Divine surrounding
Creator Spirit.
We came to gift the fire, stand in community
Our voices, shared with the voice of the Trees.
The fire burning holding our desires
The voice of a Bird calling in the Darkness
A gift I am sure.
Creator Spirit,
Thank you for the Beautiful Moon, the fire
Thank you to the land, the Songs, the sharing of intention.
For the dancing Moon shadows outside my window.
Thank you Creator Spirit,
This morning, the rising Sun will, gently kiss
The fullness of the Moon, sleep well.
What Beauty and Mystery there is to Behold.
Thank you, for the gift of today.
Bright Blessings

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Samhain - All Hallow's Eve - Day of the Dead- All Saint's Day

Three day's between the 31st of Oct and the 2nd of Nov, by which ever name you choose to celebrate, it is still all about the Ancestors!
I would like to invite us one and all during these days to Light a candle, a Path with a Prayer and Song upon our lips - may we Breathe our Blessings upon All who are no longer with us and the soon to Pass on. May we invite the unquiet souls to be led with Blessedness to find Peace and rest at last.

O Great Mystery
We call on the Great Four Winds that in your wisdom
You have gifted Breath
We call on these Winds
East Wind, the direction of the Rising Sun, New Beginnings.
Grateful today, and the Breathe we take in your name.
South Wind, the direction of Fire, Shedding of the Old, that which does not serve.
Grateful today this opportunity to Serve well.
Shedding our Past - inviting ourselves to burn with Divine reciprocity.
West Wind, the direction of Water and the Setting Sun.
Grateful today, this life giving force.
Grateful for the Crescent Moon this eve, as night draws near and we
are gifted with Dreams.
North Wind, the direction of Earth, Home to the Great Ancestors gone and yet to be born.
Grateful for the gift of Linage, that in the beginning and in the end, we are all part of the Linage of Humans.
May we treasure this gift treating each other as we ourselves desire to be treated.

Let us gift Thanks as well to Father Sky, Sister Moon and the Star Nation who will shine this Eve, holding all your creatures, winged, furred, finned, creepy crawlers, four legged and two legged under their blanket of Light through the Dark Night.

Let us gift Thanks to our home Mother Earth and her Sisters the Great Waters of the World, for the most amazing gift of Gravity. This gift that holds us to our home is truly a mystery, that though science can explain it only you, Great Creator now how it truly came to be.

Let us gift Thanks to all of our Friends you have the ability to See and Hear our Stories.
Today and tonight may your stories be sweet, may your treats fill you with gladness.
May the tricks scare you just enough to remind you that
your Heart is still beating,echoing the sound of the Mother, and that Great Spirit loves the sound of drumming.

Be Well, Travel Safe this day on which ever Path you may choose.
Know you are a child of the Great Mystery.

Blessed Samhain.
May the New Year be bright.

Crow's Alchemy

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blessing of the WInd

Spirit of Wind,
Thank you for your blessing
Your sweet caress, as I worked today.
Thank you for noticing me,
Thank you for sharing with me the time,
As we worked kissed by the Sun.
Laughing as we worked in the dirt.
Thank you Spirit of Wind.
Thank you Divine Spirit for your Mystery!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grateful for this very moment.

I breathe in,
Exhale slowly
Inhale all the love there is in the world
Exhale, I return to the Universe that which no longer serves me.
Inhale, I am grateful for this moment.
Exhale, I am grateful.
Each moment of Inhale and Exhale.
String together like pearls to make a moment.
Lager then the one before.
Staying in this one moment.
I invite it to become larger.
I am Grateful.
Each breath again a moment to give thanks
Through out my day.
Thank you, Breath of Life.
Thank you, Divine Nature.
Thank you, thank you self.

photo: T.Griffin

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Love

The colours, the way the light has a crispness.
Harvest smells, the last cutting of grass.
Creator Spirit, thank you.
The wonder, beauty, and richness,
The gifts of so much stimulation to the senses.
Inviting us to inhale deeply, use our eyes,
Fill our memory banks.
Flex ourselves, before the Winter winds.
Creator Spirit,
Thank you for these gifts as the nights are long.
Grateful for the snap in the touch of air upon my skin.
I am alive.
Creator Spirit, thank you.

and thank you once again T. Griffin for the fabulous photo.
Fall in Pittsburgh, PA more photos at

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Fragile Heart

With my Fragile heart held in my hands
Dear Divine Spirit, hold me.
Guide me.
That I may know my Resilient heart.
Guide me O' Divine Spirit,
For I am your gift to the world.
Guide me, show me the way.
Save me from my own doubts.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another day

Guide me in all that I do.
Oh, Holy Mother.
Watch over me,
That I do not lose my way.
Thank you Holy Mother.
I am most grateful for your presence.
Thank full for this day.
Guide me in all that I do/

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A day of simple beauty Creator
Thank you.
A moment of reflection to guide me this day.
Thank you.
What a gift to be in the world.
Thank you, Creator for this Life that is mine.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank you

Creator ~
I want to say Thank you!
Thank you for such a day as today!
Thank you for my one wild and wonderful Life.
Thank you Creator
For your Love and all the Beauty you gift
Each and every day.
When I open my eyes.

self study - where did she get that nose?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn-First Song

Welcome Autumn!
Blessing to you.
We are so very grateful for all that you bring.
The time of harvest, the Market a bounty of food and colour.
Blessings you bring.
Happy Equinox!
Come play with us, be with us Autumn.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Maurice Happy Birthday, my friend.

A Birthday Prayer, for you my friend!
As you wake this day, to all that your life still holds
I ask the Circling Winds to bring you gifts to see you through.
It is my hope that you know also that YOU are a gift to me.
Happy Birthday my friend.
As you wake and face the day!

East Wind stands with the morning Sun
Singing of Guidance and Direction.
This gift is meant to help you see a larger view,
while living in the moment.

You turn to hear the South Wind calling out your name
Singing of Forgiveness and Kindness,
Filling your Heart as it lifts on the wind,
Compassion for yourself and others.

Oh, sweet West Wind says wait I too have something for you
Singing it's song in a Bear voice,
Courage, Courage it sings, to BE.
It takes much courage to be Human.
West Wind roars in it's very Bear fierceness.

North Wind he will soon be blowing
As he gently Sings his song to you.
The song of the Ancestors, of Strength and Endurance.
Guiding you to stand in your Truth, while you listen to others.
Honour your Truth.

Mother Earth is laughing
Singing to you, reminding you the Grace she holds for you
Inviting you to notice the gift of Gravity, she shares each day.
She invites you to sing and dance this day, bringing Healing all around.
Mother Earth so loves to hear our JOY.

When the day is done,
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and the Star Nation
Shall show themselves to you,
Reminding you that you are indeed Star Dust.
Then to Dreamtime they will guide you.
Full of this day.
This day of marking, Your Birth, Your coming into this world.

Come play with Us, my friend.
Join in the celebration of this day.
Your Birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!

Picture by Tirzah

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apple crisp in the Air

Oh, Creator, I feel it
The change of the season.
There is and Apple crispness to the Air.
A snap that only happens this time of year.
The change of the season.

Creator, I am in wonder
At the signs you send, the little hints
To all your children.
We humans break out the sweater.
I see the Squirrels really busy.
I've even noticed some of the winter birds
Shoring up their homes.

Oh, Creator, I feel it coming
The change of the season.
The Apple crisp air.
The leaves as they start to change.
Pulling in, pulling inward.
Thank you for the hints of wonder.
Thank you for the beautiful days yet to come.
Thank you Creator.
The change of season comes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a day of Loving

Great Mother Earth, Father Sky
Guide me in Loving what is.
What this day has to offer;
My offering of self.
Guide me in Loving what is.
The sunshine and darkness.
Teach me that all is passing;
as it meant to be.
Great Mother Earth, today
Once again, I give you thanks,
That I may walk upon you belly.
Your Grace- beneath my feet.
Great Father Sky, today
I give thanks for the shelter of your warmth,
The blanket of blue.
That I am protected from harm.
Thank you Mother Earth and Father Sky,
Guide me in Loving what is.
Guide me in Loving myself.

hearts from the Ocean Ricon, Puerto Rico 09

Monday, September 14, 2009

Morning has Broken

Dear Creator
Thank you for this day.
I ask for your guidance in all that I do.
Teach me the ways of Compassion and Gratitude.
Guide my work to be pleasing to you.
Thank you for this day
Dear Creator.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunshine in the Morning

Thank you Creator Mother Father
I am blessed with another day
To laugh, sing, dance, cry and be sorrowful.
A day to Love the Life that is mine.
Thank you Creator Mother Father
Thank you for this day of Sunshine.
Thank you for this gift of Life.
Thank you Creator Mother Father.
Guide me that I might use this day wisely!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Evening Song

Setting sun, the day is done.
I sing to you as I lay myself to rest.
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Star Nation
Welcome~ my eyes are happy to see you
As you wrap the world in night.

Teach me the night songs.
What landscape will I travel?
The guidance that is offered,
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Sweet Star Nation
Sing your songs to me.

Hold me through the might
That I may rise with the morning Sun,
Full of possibility
My day is done,
I am grateful, I am blessed.

Another day, of laughter
Tears and Joy
Mother Earth, Father Sky
Thank you for the gift
Of Being.

Rest well,
Wrapped in my gratitude
My love of Life.
By your Grace, I am Blessed
I sing your Holy Name!


O' Creator
Let me Listen
Invite me to hear
From the inside of my heart.
O' Creator
Let me Sit
Invite me to stillness
In the uncertainty of the moment.
O' Creator
Teach me to listen,
Deep inside my Soul
To hear the wisdom of your words.
O' Creator
Teach me to sit
Simmering, with possibility
That I may become all of Who you see.
O' Creator
I am blessed, by your Love
Your Grace,
Your invitation to life.
O' Creator
I am filled with Gratitude
For this time, of being stew.
Grant me the wisdom, to simmer.
I am Your fruit.
I will come to the feast.
Grateful and with a Happiness You, Creator have brought me.

photo taken by the Amazingly good egg and friend Debbie G.

Monday, September 7, 2009

the Heart is Full!

My heart is full! Great Mother, I have made new friends, traveled, received many treasures, and found some quiet for my Soul. Great Mother, I was given an opportunity to understand how small, I am. Yet, how important a part each of us plays in the ripple of action. Laying in your arms of warm ocean, I could feel the life blood. Though I was far from the place I call home, I swam in the same ocean, walked and laughed on the same sands, that have traveled round the world and back again. I have been kissed by the Sun, and made new of Spirit, by your Grace. Tasted fruit, that gave pause, yet the abundance of what grew so readily at hand; took my breath away. Thank you Great Mother. Thank you also Great Mother that you kept the Captain, crew and all of us on the flight free from harm. To this day Great Mother, I am in awe every time I lift from the ground in flight and land once again to touch your belly. Great Mother My heart is full! I am blessed. I am most Grateful for your love. Blessings to you.

photo of hearts on the wall in Rincon, PR
well sort of Rincon, PR - taken on a scouting trip!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birds are talking

Good Morning!
I hear the Birds talking.
Creator there are mornings,
I wish I knew what they were saying.

When was it that we stopped being able
To Understand other then our own kind?
And even this Creator; we don't seem to do so well.
Creator, guide me to listen from my heart.

Let my voice speak from my heart.
That I may speak clearly,
Storm when it is needed,
Whisper like a breeze at the right moments.

Creator, teach me the way.
To speak and listen.
That I may honour all those,
I know and then again don't.

Guide my words, Creator
When I am lost in my fear,
Help me to Breathe my way through.
Listening for a new way.

Guide me in my Joy, Creator
That it may ripple out like the tide.
Leaving treasures in hearts,
It has touched.

Creator, guide me this day
To listen fully
For the Birds are talking
I want to understand.

photo - T. Griffin
Thank you.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Feel sometimes like a motherless child.....

Oh, my sweet Mother Earth
This weekend I felt like a Motherless child.
There were moments that I could not feel you surrounding me.
I felt lost in a rush of hurry, hurry.
I was lost in the neediness of others.
I lost sight and touch of your loving body.

Please forgive me.
Sometimes I feel like a mother less child.
Yet, in my heart I know your are there
Again, I am held. I can feel your love.
Guide me to love, compassion.

I thank you for the Great Abundance that I was able to have before me.
Share with others.
Guide me to know that by walking my path true to you, myself and I,
Then others may learn.
Teach me that I need to respect others in their right to be
In a place of fear and lack.
Forgive me, my lack of compassion.

Oh, sweet Mother Earth,
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.
I am blessed by your wisdom and grace.
Thank you sweet Mother, for allowing me to walk upon your belly.
Thank you for the abundance of my Life.

Let me sing to you Sweet Mother Earth.
That you may hear my gratitude like the singing of the birds.
Let me dance for you,
That you may feel me as the leaves sway in a breeze.
I am grateful for the grace you gift.

Thank you sweet Mother Earth.
I am blessed knowing I am really never a motherless child.

art work by Jaap Eduard Helder- Untitled
I want to call it The Dance

Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer for A Hurricane

I pray to thee, oh Mother Earth, Father Sky, and whirling winds of the Four Directions. Calling all forces to protect and care for the winged ones over the waters, the creatures who's life is spent in the Ocean deep, following upon her Tides. To watch over those who's lives are spent making a Life for family from the bounty of the Great Seas, and those who's job it is to keep them safe.
Be gentle sweet Ocean Storm, let not our Fear feed you, feel the love and gentle hearts that embrace you. Let us weep for what has been lost, wash clean all Hatred. Leave in your wake the treasure of Peace and Acceptance toward our fellow inhabitants of the Universe.
I am grateful for this opportunity to feel, your tears, I am humbled in your wake.
I request and pray that all may find Safe Harbour. That those who's life you may take find their way home, across the bridge.

I thank Elizabeth Fraser for her Kettle Cove photos
This piece was written in September 2003 for another Hurrican

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Grandmother, Guide us

Unchi,guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty,
As older women.
Guide us,as the world
Seems to forget us.
Feels that we are no longer viable.
Unchi,guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty.

Unchi, guide us, give us Compassion
Teach us the way of your Wisdom.
We are grateful for our Life
The roads and stories we have walked.
The sorrow and joy we have shared.
Unchi, guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty.

Unchi, we wish to share,
Our stories, the lessons we have learned.
The courage of being in the world,
Teach us your way,
You have been around for all time.
Unchi,guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty.

Unchi, we too are Wise Women
Bless us this day
As we choose to walk with our Sisters.
Those who are here and those that have gone before.
We give thanks for this time of deep breathing.
Unchi,guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty.

*Unchi is Lakota for Grandmother

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dreamtime Prayer

Guide me Grandmother Moon, Star Nation
In the language of dreams.
I walk in this gift of the Night
Guide me to the Wisdom,
In this Dreamtime passage.
A mingling of the day and the night.
Neither more real.
I walk in this gift of Dreams.
I am grateful for the Mystery,
The time I am given in the Wonder.
Guide me Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Star Nation
Your night language.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I sing to you....

Creator, I wish to share with you my Joy.
The love I feel in the world.
I want to tell you how grateful I am
For the gifts I have received.
Family and Friends,
though I wonder are they that different?

Creator, I sing and dance with you,
Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Sun and the Star Nation
I am blessed as they share
My becoming.
May I sing out my song to you,
till I my last note is sung.

Creator, thank you once again for this day

Thank you Tirzah for yet another fab photo

Thursday, August 20, 2009

GentleMoring Waking

There is a slow gentle waking this morning
Thank you.

I wish to Pray, Live
Compassion, Hope and Kindness
A gentleness of Being.

May I leave a trace of Stardust today
No mark of harm.

There is a slow gentle waking to this day.
My soul rejoice.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Apache Blessing

May the sun bring you new energy by day
May the moon softly restore you by night
May the rain wash away your worries
May the breeze blow new strength into your being
May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life

A thank you to Chris Davis for the Balanced Rocks and Maurice Leavitt for the Copy of the Blessing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Welcome

Good Morning Sunday!
Welcome Sun, rising from the ocean.

A day to sing and dance a new song of being.
What will I sing?
I wish to sing a song of Gratitude.
I wish to sing a song of Friends.
I wish to sing a song of Health.
Will I dance with the sway of the Earth?
My steps in time with Joy?
Or will they be in time with Sorrow?

Good Morning Sunday
Welcome to this day.
What song I sing the day will tell as it unfolds.
For I am filled with the wonder of Friends,
A Gratefulness of Being.
I sing and pray Health for loved ones.

I desire my steps in dance to keep time
With the moment.
Joy and Sorrow, Laughter and Tears
In the moment of Being.
I am here to experience all the day has to offer.

Welcome Sunday Morning.
Good Morning.
Come let us sing and dance with the day.
Thank you for this day.
Welcome Sunday Morning.

thank you Tirzah this am Sun photo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guidance this Day

I pray today for guidance
Great Mother Goddess.
I ask for your guidance,
that I may be a better person.
I ask for your guidance,
that I may learn from your wisdom.

Great Mother Goddess,
I live this day in gratitude
for all the blessings that are mine.
I accept responsibility for my actions.

Guide me, Great Mother Goddess,
for I am a child of the Universe.
It is my desire to bring you Honour.
I pray to you this day for your guidance,
Wisdom and gift of Compassion.
Blessing to you.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good Night.

Creator Mother Father
I bid thee Good Night
My thanks for a glorious day.
May you watch over your children as we sleep.

Creator Mother Father
Guide our dreams,
Show us the way of releasing.
Invite our bodies to be restful.

Creator Mother Father
I ask that I may wake
To sing another Day.

Creator Mother Father
Thank you for this Glorious Day!
Good Night.

Family Knots

Great Spirit, guide us this weekend.
Guide our words, our thoughts.
We've come together to celebrate.
There are friends and family,
So much going on, so close together.
Guide our words, our thoughts.

We've come together to celebrate.
Let us hold that in common.
May old stories, that do not serve be put aside.
Friends and family
Friendship and love!
Let that be the prevailing wind.

Thank you Great Spirit for inviting us all
Together to Celebrate!
Guide us with Wisdom, Laughter and Joy.
There is time enough for sorrow.
Let us raise our voices, heal together
As we celebrate!

Thank you Great Spirit for hearing this prayer
Thank you for your healing wisdom.
Thank you for the Breathe of Life.
Thank you for this day.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Guide me with your Compassion

Sweet Mother Earth, Sweet Grandmother Moon
I pray to you both today
Guide me toward my Compassionate Heart.
I find it toward others, yet the struggle
Compassion for myself.
I find so very difficult.

Sweet Mother Earth, Sweet Grandmother Moon
I pray guide me with your Compassion.
Teach me the ways, calm, struggle, compassion.
I watch your moods, the tides of emotion.
Guide me with your Compassion.

Sweet Mother Earth, Sweet Grandmother Moon,
Guide me toward myself.
I thank you for your sweet Grace.
Filled with your story, I too
Will guide others toward their Compassionate Heart.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Full- When Things Ripen Moon

La Luna,
I watch as you rise.
Pink full with promise,
What stories do you have to share?

La Luna,
It is past the middle of summer
I believe some call you the Pink Moon.
Others When Things Ripen Moon.

La Luna,
What now is ripening ~ there are many Earth Changes
You dance across the sky,
As I howl in wonder!

La Luna,
La Luna, sing us a song
Share with us the stories
As you dance across the sky!

Watch Over Us.

Great Spirit, I ask you to watch over those I love.
Family and friends.
Help guide them toward their highest good.

Hold and protect them
Let your light fill their days
Great Spirit, I ask you to watch over those I love.

My love and heart I gift to you.
Teach us the way of compassion.
Guide us to care for ourselves, that we may then care for others.

Great Spirit, be with those I love
In sickness and in their health.
Guide us toward knowing what is in our highest good.

Show us the way of Hope.
Fill our hearts with your Grace.
Great Spirit, I ask you to watch over those I love.

Great Spirit, be with those I love
As they struggle with their grief,
Guide us through our sorrow and loss.

I give you my Gratitude as you hold us close.
Watch over those I love.
My heart is full of You and your Kindness.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family ties

I am so happy! So grateful!
I have a little family and we are Loved.
And Love.
Thank you for this gift.
Mothers and daughters.
Three ~ maiden ~ mother~ crone
Tonight all under one roof
Filled with Love.
Thank you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beach Day

Oh, what a glorious day
You have gifted us Creator Mother-Father
The song of the ocean, reminding us of the flow of life.
Oh, the Sun, warm upon my skin.
Creator Mother-Father
I loved the whisper of breezes
Be in the moment.
All said around me.
Thank you Creator Mother-Father for this
Glorious Day!

A day at the beach!
Laughter all around.
Thank you Creator Mother-Father.
I took in the songs of ocean, it's gentle rhythm
Felt the warmth of the sun in the sand.
Thank you Creator Mother-Father
Indeed it was a beach day
Glorious! Thank you for sharing this day!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Grant me Patience

Dear Goddess, Mother Earth
Grant me patience
Show me how it is that you breathe
With life and your children spinning around you.
Teach me the way
Of patience for myself as well as others.
Dear Goddess, Mother Earth.
Grant me patience.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer - Birthing of Granddaughter

Great Mother
I bow my head and give thanks
I raise my hands to the sky and sing
I am humble and filled with gratitude that once again
I have been blessed.
Here it is Summer and I have birthed yet again,
My granddaughter to share the sweet smells of Summer Sun
Hot pavement after the rain.
Cloudy, foggy inside days.
I am blessed.
Trusted ~ Great Mother.
My daughter, allows me to birth summer
Filled with my granddaughter
Thank you Great Mother.
I am blessed.

photo scanned by daughter -baby in picture T. Griffin
indeed it is me, 21

Friday, July 3, 2009

No Rain today.

Great Mother,
We are grateful for all that you gift us.
I will admit that these past weeks have been difficult
I feel your pain, see the rain.
I too am sad.
Please Great Mother,
Ask the Sun to shine.
Burn away the fog in our hearts.
Let us all smile.
I miss the Sun.
Thank you Great Mother.
Thank you for all that you gift us.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Day Dawning

Creator, Good Morning!
The day will soon awaken.
I ask that my Compassion awaken as the Dawn
Anew each day.

Creator, Thank you for this day!
I ask that you teach me the ways of Gratitude,
for there are days, I will admit
That I find it difficult to have Gratitude.
Days I find myself helpless to help friends.
Some days even to sit with myself.
Guide me, hold me in Your Gratitude
For my Being.

Creator, Good Morning!
Thank you for this gift ~
I am awake, I am alive another day
To love, play and work.
Thank you.

Creator, Good Morning!
Walk with me today; as you do each day
That I may embody Co-creation in all that I do.

Creator, Good Morning!
You and I we Rock.
Let us begin our day.

Photo by T. Griffin- flicker
Thank you!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Fog

Fog, Fog and Rain
I want to be able to be grateful
Yet I admit it is difficult
Fog and Rain
It feels like it's been this way for a week
I'm grateful for the Rain
Grateful for thirst quenching it gives to the Earth
Yet, after days of it it is so very difficult
I want to see the Sun.
I know also that I want to learn to be grateful for it all
For that which is difficult, that which is easy
I want to be able to be grateful
For loss and Joy.
For the lessons that come bouncing into my day full of smiles and ease
For the ones that I feel dragged across coals burning white.
Fog, Fog and Rain.
Teach me Goddess
To be Grateful.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prayer on the Day you were Born

Prayer from the Divine on
The Day You were Born

Welcome, little one! Welcome to this physical world, that has been Co-Created with and for YOU.
I wish to invite you to Remember Your Divineness as you grow into all that is before you.
I am privileged to be here Loving you as I will each day of your life.
I want you to know how Thankful I am to be here at your Birth. The Light and Joy that shine forth from you, lights and fills the world. You are a shining Star!
It is my joy to love you, unquestioning and I know in your Divineness that love is returned.
I want you to know that there are moments we all falter, or do things that are
Mis- understood, yet know I will always see the bright Divineness that You ARE at this very moment and will be.
I wish to Thank You for your willingness to be a physical being with all that brings.
I will Eagerly await your Awakening, into your Full – Self.
I wish to remind you that you only need to think a thought and
I will hear! ~ That all you need ~ I will provide.
Know, my little one that I am in all that Surrounds you ~ as are YOU.
I ask you to trust in Me and Your own Divineness ~ as I trust in you.
Welcome, Little one! Welcome to your life. Live it Well!
Gustavo Felix Gregg Rodriguez
May 8, 2009 6:37 a.m.
8lbs and 21 inches long.

Authors note: This was written for 4 separate friends who were all bringing New Beings onto this Earth within, weeks of each other. I was struck by the thought that as we enter our bodies to be born, our very Divineness most have a conversation with all the Divine around us.

Feel free to copy and place a child’s name into the text, I ask only that you give me writer’s credit.
Thank you.
I thank Nicholas & Ella, the first New Beings in my life since Huntyr.

Rosemary S Erb
April 2003

Monday, May 25, 2009


Great Warrior Goddess and Gods
Please show us the way,
Teach us to Love Peace.

Help us to Re-member
Those who have given their lives
That we may be free.
Free to love whom we wish,
Worship as our Heart desires.
Speak our truths, knowing that we will not be shot down.

Teach us to Love Peace.
Great Warrior Goddess and Gods
We long to live in Harmony.

Too many have died
Too many shot down for someone else's desire of Power
Too many who live, mourn.
Too many never come back who they are!
Too many to count.

Teach us to Love Peace
Great Warrior Goddess and Gods
Show us the way of the Peaceful Warrior

Many Blessings on those that have gone.
My great gratitude to you, for the life I am living.
I will keep you in my thoughts as I learn and teach to Love Peace.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Blessings to you,
Having gone before
Paving the way
Now you look over us.
Blessings to you.
I wonder do you
Find us worthy of the cost you paid?
Blessings to you,
I want to tell you, give Thanks to you
Grateful am I for what you have done.
Blessings to you.
Thank you!
May I show you that I am worthy of the cost you paid.
Blessings to you!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Morning!

Good Morning Earth!
Good Morning Universe!
Good Morning Creator!
It is a good day to be alive!

I am grateful for this day.
A day of choices, inviting me to something
I am grateful for this day.

Good Morning Earth!
Good Morning Universe!
Good Morning Creator!
It is a good day to be alive!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All is welcome here.

Broken hearts and broken wings,

Bring it all and everything.
Bring the song you fear to sing.
All is welcome here.
And even if you broke your vow a thousand times, come anyhow.
We're stepping into the power of now
And all is welcome here.-

Miten (song "All is welcome here")

Don't think I could have said it better. Broken hearts and broken wing, my arms are open. I will wrap you in love.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Birthday Wish.

Happy Birthday !
One this your Birthday I wish for you the singing of the winds.

May the North Wind sing to you of the Earth, the story of your Being. May the song gift you roots and grounding that you may know your way home.

May the East Wind sing to you of the Air, the story of your Breath. The first word you spoke being that of the Divine, coming as Breath. May the song gift you with the
Spiritfull - ness that is your Birthright.

May the South Wind sing to you of Fire, the story of your Passion. May the song gift you with Blessings in your Creativeness.

May the West Wind sing to you of Water, the story it's Flowing. May the song gift you the abilities to move forward, to follow your Dreams.

May the singing of the Winds join in a chorus
Joyful, Proud, and Clear. May this chorus fill your year with Happiness, Vision, Compassion and Hope.

I wish for you the knowledge that you are indeed a Child of the Great Creator and Mother Goddess. You are a child of Wonder.

I wish for you the Star Light shining this night leaving you covered in the dust of Miracles.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Blessing

Blessings this Mother's Day!
for some the day has yet to begin
some have been up all night
for it is a day, like any other, with things that need being done.
Happy Mother's Day!

We are mother's, women
The fabric of the home,
The heartbeat heard when we hold someone close.
The hand that is held, or removes a tear,
or fixes a scrap.

Some of us may keep a sparkling, spotless domain
Others of us, well speaking strictly for me,
Clean yet "artfully" cluttered.
(My loving child - might say different- for her -it's just plain too much!)
Loved none the less.

What makes us Mom - it is not so much the giving birth
It is the minutes that add to a moment, a life time
Of holding, listening, caring.

Of being there
Of saying Yes, sure go ahead
Of the NOs - we said when it mattered most, for surely it was best!
Loved all the more!
Go ask your Mother.........
For in the end we really rule the nest.

It is the moment we agree to listen
To hear another, to give support
We need not understand all the time
That's new and interesting, we say
Tell me more?
Let me know how it goes.
Our heart turned to let it be wonderful.
Let it fill up their hearts, souls the being that is them!

We want what is best
For our children, our friends
We Mother each other in times of distress
Times of great Joy.
We worry about little things as though they were huge.
And some of the big things in life as though they were nothing at all.

With children.
Never haven given birth.
With children who have gone before us.
Of children, knowing it best, we gave them up, too young were we.
Women one and all.

To all my women friends let me say Happy Mother's Day!
Thank you for the times you have Mothered me, and bore with me as I did the
same to you.
For those who have "suffered" me a "Mom moment" upon a stranger, turning in a
tag, or a simple wag of a head NO, don't - ( I couldn't help myself)
I send you my Love and my gratitude.
I mostly Thank Miss Tirzah McWirzy, for inviting me to be Her Mom!
Bright Blessings to you all, this Mother's Day!

Mother's Day, 13.05.07

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Safe travel.

I ask Safe travel
All those in the air, sea and land.
I ask for the winds to be following
For those in the air.
I ask you keep my child safe till
Once again, she is safe on the Belly.
Father Sky, keep those in the air.
Mother Earth, keep those in the water ways and ground.
Safe travel for all, may you bless the journey.
No matter the travel, no matter the destination.
Safe travel, is my prayer.

photo form T. Griffin, "All who travel are not lost."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Morning Prayer

I wish today to ask that all beings be safe and happy.

Like a Metta prayer.

I wish for all beings to find peace.

I am hopeful that all beings may awaken to the beauty of their true nature.

I wish today for all beings to be exactly who and where they need to be for their highest good.

I wish for all beings to be free

I wish for all beings to Honour each other.

I wish today to pray in all things that I do.

I wish for all suffering to be realized as Illusion.

I wish to pray a Metta prayer.

Thank you Maurice for taken the photo of my hands in prayer.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Healing Thread

Dear Goddess
Guide me, help me to find
The threads that need healing
Some are pulling tight
And causing so much sadness and pain.
Goddess, guide me
I want to do my part in healing the thread.
That those behind me might heal
As well as those in front of me.
Goddess, guide me
For the wrap and weave of time is always present.
This thread, I see some of it's beginning
Is it far enough back?
I don't know,
I hurt for those I love!
I feel lost.
Goddess, please help guide me!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early am Hawk

Are you listening?
A Northern Harrier Hawk!
A bit of wild,
Here, here in the heart of the city.
Are you listening?
Or was it one of the Red-tailed
That live over by Back Bay?

Are you listening?
It is the wee hours of the morning.
I couldn't tell who, I'm unable to tell the difference
By their call.
Yet, it is the Wildness, I am grateful for
Here in the heart of the city.
It reminds me to be Alive.
Thank you Hawks, whom ever you might be.

photo of a Red-tail Hawk