Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moon of Fire

La Luna, I am so grateful
This early eve, I sit with you
Holding your rising in my heart.
In my sorrow, I saw you rise Gold
Full of Fire, throwing light on the darkness.
What shadows lay hidden in the heart?
My heart?
La Luna, Grandmother in the sky
Show me the ways to diminish, my sorrow
Guide me to the fullness of Grief, of Happiness.
You who goes into her darkness, slowly returning
To your brightness, to again invite yourself
Your beauty reminds me that we all have bright and darkness.
La Luna, I am most grateful for your gift of light
This eve, so much sadness with me today.
Thank you for the reminder of beauty in our broken world.
Some day, we will all understand.
We will all know how our fear feeds itself.
La Luna, come shine your light the night is almost done.
Soon La Luna, the dawn.

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