Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Day Dawning

Creator, Good Morning!
The day will soon awaken.
I ask that my Compassion awaken as the Dawn
Anew each day.

Creator, Thank you for this day!
I ask that you teach me the ways of Gratitude,
for there are days, I will admit
That I find it difficult to have Gratitude.
Days I find myself helpless to help friends.
Some days even to sit with myself.
Guide me, hold me in Your Gratitude
For my Being.

Creator, Good Morning!
Thank you for this gift ~
I am awake, I am alive another day
To love, play and work.
Thank you.

Creator, Good Morning!
Walk with me today; as you do each day
That I may embody Co-creation in all that I do.

Creator, Good Morning!
You and I we Rock.
Let us begin our day.

Photo by T. Griffin- flicker
Thank you!