Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Prayer this Day of Giving Thanks

We come together as Family and Friends
We come together to share our Gratitude.

We pray and sing of all that is Joyous.
Yea, let us also sing of our Sorrows,
Here this day in the company of Love.
For is our Life not made of both?

Have we not found Thankfulness,
In our times of Sorrow?
Sadness hiding for a moment
When we are full of Joy?

Yea, let us be Thankful for all
The pearls of Hope,
Found held in our hands.

Pearls of Friendship
Shelter and Food.
Strung together with Love, Compassion
And the Grace of the Divine Universe.

Let us be Thankful not just for today
For each moment that we are able to
Have Breathe, to sing, dance, Love.

Let us be Thankful for Life
That is Lived
Moments and days so brilliant, the light may never dim.
Followed and marked by the Ordinary, the Mundane for they make
For the Extraordinary that takes our Breath away.

Let us pray and sing a Song of Gladness and Gratitude.
Let our Voices rise that none need live in Fear.
Let there be Hope.
May our voices Rise to shelter those in need.
May we find a way to forgive , when we see that we are holding Anger.

Yea, Let us Sing our Praise of Thankfulness.
For all the days of our Life.


I am Thankful to you my Friends, the Pearls of my life.
Thank you for sharing all the moments.
Laughter and tears.
May you feel my love wrap round you, giving you shelter in time of Storm and Sun.
Thank you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Never Lost

Goddess of travel,
I thank you for your guidance
For taking me in ways that I made contact
With others,
No one found the tears unsettling
Now I want to say ~ it'll be dark
You'll be fine.
Go down the street, big signs,
No one said, You can't miss it!
I was thankful.
Goddess of travel,
I am here.
I am safe.
I am with friends.
Thank you, for your guidance or somewhat miss,
Yet not wrong turns.
Thank you for the adventure of getting here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Grateful for Choice

Ah, Creator,
Today I wake and know
You have given me a gift.
I can choose,
how I will interact with the world today.
I ask for guidance,
Gratitude, Compassion, Hope
Needing less, sharing more.
Yes, it is a gift
This right of Choice.
May I choose a path of kindness.
Blessings I offer to you, Creator.
May you find pleasure in my choices.

picture by Elaine Lilley

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hands of Grace

Let this be my prayer.
May I walk softly,
Leaving a trace of kindness.
May I speak softly,
From my Heart.
May my Hands do work that is meaningful.
Guide me toward gifting Grace.
As I have been gifted.
I ask Creator that you hear my prayer
That you know my Gratitude.
Hear my sorrows, concerns and Joy.
That you guide me in my work.
Guide my hands in helping.
Let them work toward good.
By your Grace, I sing to you.
Let this be a prayer
For Hands that work in Grace.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goddess of Courage

Goddess of Courage,
Thank you for standing with me.
Some days feel so difficult to bare,
Goddess of Courage,
Guide me to my true Nature.
A Nature full of Laughter with myself.
Show me the ways of Compassion for myself
That in turn I may share with others.
Goddess of Courage,
Teach me that to care for myself is a Selfless Act.
I need to learn that I need to come first,
That I may then care for those in need.
Goddess of Courage,
Know that I am grateful for the obstacles I have walked.
I am beautiful to my eyes,
Help me shine bright that others may shine as well.
Goddess of Courage,
Thank you for walking with me.
May I continue to grow and serve.
Thank you, Goddess of Courage

photo of Crow by

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day November 11th

Dear Lord, I beg you
Guide us humans to compassion and respect.
Teach us to live without War.
Dear Lord, as we still find it necessary
To belittle, to fight, to have power over
Our neighbors, as well as those we don't even know
I ask that you keep our Soldiers safe,
Guide them from the heart in what they are asked to do.
I ask that you bring them home.
That all Soldiers may look each other in the eye
To truly see that We are all not so different.
Dear Lord,
Guide us to compassion and respect.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today - Novemeber 10th 2009

Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Father Sky
Today, I wish to say Thank you.
Thank you for so many things.
The privilege of life,
To breathe another day.
Life, with it's ups and downs.
The gifts of friends and concerns.
Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Father Sky
I am so blessed.
There are not enough ways for me to say
Thank you.
I ask that you guide me today
In this place of wonder and gratitude.
Thank you,
Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Father Sky

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moon of Fire

La Luna, I am so grateful
This early eve, I sit with you
Holding your rising in my heart.
In my sorrow, I saw you rise Gold
Full of Fire, throwing light on the darkness.
What shadows lay hidden in the heart?
My heart?
La Luna, Grandmother in the sky
Show me the ways to diminish, my sorrow
Guide me to the fullness of Grief, of Happiness.
You who goes into her darkness, slowly returning
To your brightness, to again invite yourself
Your beauty reminds me that we all have bright and darkness.
La Luna, I am most grateful for your gift of light
This eve, so much sadness with me today.
Thank you for the reminder of beauty in our broken world.
Some day, we will all understand.
We will all know how our fear feeds itself.
La Luna, come shine your light the night is almost done.
Soon La Luna, the dawn.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Moon FIre

The Moon full,
Dia de los Muertos.
We stood together in your Divine surrounding
Creator Spirit.
We came to gift the fire, stand in community
Our voices, shared with the voice of the Trees.
The fire burning holding our desires
The voice of a Bird calling in the Darkness
A gift I am sure.
Creator Spirit,
Thank you for the Beautiful Moon, the fire
Thank you to the land, the Songs, the sharing of intention.
For the dancing Moon shadows outside my window.
Thank you Creator Spirit,
This morning, the rising Sun will, gently kiss
The fullness of the Moon, sleep well.
What Beauty and Mystery there is to Behold.
Thank you, for the gift of today.
Bright Blessings