Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prayer from the Divine on the Day You Were Born

Welcome to the World ~ Gia Elizabeth and Eli James ~
Welcome, little one! Welcome to this physical world, that has been Co-Created with and for YOU.
I wish to invite you to Remember Your Divineness as you grow into all that is before you.
I am privileged to be here Loving you as I will each day of your life.
I want you to know how Thankful I am to be here at your Birth. The Light and Joy that shine forth from you, lights and fills the world. You are a shining Star!
It is my joy to love you, unquestioning and I know in your Divineness that love is returned.
I want you to know that there are moments we all falter, or do things that are
Mis- understood, yet know I will always see the bright Divineness that You ARE at this very moment and will be.
I wish to Thank You for your willingness to be a physical being with all that brings.
I will Eagerly await your Awakening, into your Full – Self.
I wish to remind you that you only need to think a thought and
I will hear! ~ That all you need ~ I will provide.
Know, my little one that I am in all that Surrounds you ~ as are YOU.
I ask you to trust in Me and Your own Divineness ~ as I trust in you.
Welcome, Little one! Welcome to your life. Live it Well!

We Welcome you Sweet Gia and Eli

Authors note: This was written for 4 separate friends who were all bringing New Beings onto this Earth within, weeks of each other. I was struck by the thought that as we enter our bodies to be born, our very Divineness most have a conversation with all the Divine around us.

Feel free to copy and place a child’s name into the text, I ask only that you give me writer’s credit.
Thank you.
I thank Nicholas & Ella, the first New Beings in my life since Huntyr.

Rosemary S Erb
April 2003

photos have been taken by family members ~ we welcome these two sweet wonders.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Imbloc~Candlemas~ St Brigid's Day Blessing

Let us give thanks this day ~
The quality of the Returning Light
Filling our dreams
Mother Gaia, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon
Teach us the ways to enjoy the changing Season’s
Guide us in our understanding that we a part of your very Being,
As you are a part of us.

Winter gifts us time for dreaming,
Mother Gaia, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon,
Guide us to nurture our dreams,
Caring for our Souls,
As you cover us in a blanket of Snow~
What miracles lie waiting?
Teach us the ways to be patient, that we may
Invite ourselves to slowly unfurl,
Tender shoots waiting, dreams that are ready to bloom.

Grandmother Moon, you who lies in Darkness this eve,
Guide us to our dreams,
Teach us the ways of growing toward fullness, and release.

We give thanks for the warmth of hearth and home,
We ask that you keep all that are outdoors,
Those that travel in the hours of night,
With no place to lay their heads.
Please Mother Gaia, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon
Guide and keep all your children, safe from harm.

We give thanks Mother Gaia, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon,
The Miracle of Life and the cycles that guide and teach us.
Thank you for the gift of your generous Spirits ~
Bright Blessings ~

photo taken by Crows Alchemy