Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today is a happiness

Happy, Happy

Great Spirit!

I am thrilled for today.

Thank you for this opportunity

To live another day.

To be in Life.

Happy, Happy.

Grateful for this day.

May I bring out the best of myself

All day!

May I be the beauty that lights another's face.

May I be Life.

Thank you Great Spirit.
photo sneeks with heart rock
p.s. left the rock for someone else to find
taken at Chris and Jan's on 18 April by Me!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Great Creator
Guide me, please give me Strength
Help me to listen, to hear the pain that is mine.
To hear the pain that others around me bear.
Great Creator,
I feel that I no longer have strength to hold
All the sadness around me.
Guide me and give me Strength
Guide me, that I may hold the pain around me.
I thank you Great Creator,
Your open Heart.
Guide me, give me Strength in my daily struggle,
to have that same open Heart.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Calling in Sacred Space- Peruvian

There are many ways to call in Sacred Space, I offer this as one way in a Peruvian Shaman Tradition -

South, Home to Sachamama
Come be with us today
Sachamama, wrap your coils of light around us and teach us your ways of shedding.
Help guide us as we learn to shed that which is no longer needed.
We thank you for your teaching.
Come be with us, Co-create with us
Come play and be with us today.
Welcome South, Welcome Sachamama.

West, Home to Jaguar
Come be with us today
Jaguar, you who have no Enemy
Teach us the way of the Peaceful Warrior.
Be with us as we die to our old selves.
Help guide us as we learn to deepen our listening.
We thank your for your teaching.
Come be with us, Co-create with us
Come play and be with us today.
Welcome West, Welcome Jaguar.
North, Home to Hummingbird and the Ancestors
Come be with us today.
Hummingbird, you are so very small – you carry the Strength and Endurance.
Guide us today to learn how to stay in our truth for the long distance.
Ancestors those of you who have passed and those yet to come
Guide us today help us Co-Create these Medicine Tools today.
We thank you for your teaching.
Come be with us, Co-create with us
Come play and be with us today.
Welcome South, Welcome Hummingbird and Ancestors

East, Home to Condor – Eagle
Condor/Eagle your Vision – teach us the way of seeing.
The place of the Rising Sun, new days, new possibilities
This too is a way of Seeing
Guide us today, help teach us to learn to see how our actions
Reach out and touch further then what is right before us.
We thank you for your teaching
Come be with us, Co-create with us
Come play and be with us today.
Welcome East, Welcome Condor Eagle.

Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Star Nation
Come be with us, show us the ways of the Greater Universe
Remind us that we are surely made of Stardust.
Guide us, teach us that we may leave a path of shinning dust
That others are willing to follow.
Teach us your gentle ways of Day and the Coming of Night.
Guide us as we enter dream time.
We thank your for your teaching
Come be with us, Co-create with us
Come play and be with us today.
Welcome Father Sky, Grandmother Moon Star Nation

We call to the Apus of this tradition, this path of Wisdom
Handed down for the peoples and Apus of Peru.
We call to the Mountains of this land in which we live
For they carry the wisdom of this land.
We are grateful for the wisdom and teachings
We are grateful to be called to learn these ways of being
We give thanks for the teachings we receive from both the Apus of Peru, and the Mountains of the land
Welcome, come be with us, teach us to Co-create today
Come be with us, play with us.
Welcome Apus and Mountains.

Pacahamama we call to you.
You who so generously allows us to walk upon your belly.
We are grateful this gift of Gravity.
We give thanks for all our relations, that you have invited to share your belly,
The Winged and Finned, Four- legged and Creepy Crawlers,
Slithers and Two- legged.
We give thanks for the Elementals, the Plant and Stone People.
Pacahamama, you are so generous with your gifts.
Teach us the ways of sharing.
Guide us to be Open- hearted.
We thank your for your teaching
Come be with us, Co-create with us
Come Pacahamama, come, come Mother Earth
Be with us, play with us
Welcome Pacahamama.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Moon for Margaret

It comes soon, now
This new Moon
Yet today there is only a sliver of
What was.
Then will be a night
No Moon light to touch our skin.

Then like you,
Will begin the growingness
Of being
You and the Moon
Both of you New.

Spring time
New growth of being
The possibilities open
The Moon,
She and I hold you,
Till you are ready.

Sweet Woman of Courage,
It takes courage, strength and endurance
To Heal.
It is not for the weak,
Thank you for choosing to Live in this moment.
Thank you for sharing a bit of your story.
I am Blessed and Honoured in this

It comes soon now,
This new Moon.
A new you is waiting for it's arrival
It comes soon now,
This new Moon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Mother Earth

Thank you!

Thank you!

You share your gifts

Grateful am I that you allow me to walk upon your belly.

Gravity you hold us to you,

All my relations, Four Legged, Creepy Crawlers, Slithers, Finned and Winged.

I am most thankful this gift of Love.

All that I need, Mother Earth you gift.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Today, I ask for the Grace you show us

To guide me.

I am still but a child,

I need your guidance.

Your gentle caress of wind

The tears you shed wash me clean.

Blessed indeed am I.

Mother Earth,

May you hear my voice,

Thank you!

Thank you!
photo: Harpswell, Maine
I thank Sal for taking and AL for sharing it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gift of Community

Grandfather Grandmother
Thank you for the gift of community!
I am blessed
Thank you for teaching me to share.
Grandfather, Grandmother
Your lesson of Love, of Spirit -
Thank you!
Great Spirit,
Thank you for the gift of community
I am blessed.
Your deep teachings help to guide me
Through out my days.
Thank you, Great Spirit
Thank you for my Life
I am blessed!
Tribe, Community
Thank you for your Love.
I thank you for the teachings you have shared
The Honesty of sharing hopes, dreams and fears.
The gentle pushes you have given.
Thank you Community, my Clan
I am Blessed.
I thank you.
Thank you for the photo of my hand and drum,
Debbie K. Graul.

Friday, April 10, 2009

10th April 2009- Fullish Moon Compline

Sweet Grandmother Moon
I have watched you this week
In fog, and clear sky
So beautiful as you moved toward your fullness.
A beacon so bright that even the city lights
Bow to you.

Sweet Grandmother Moon,
Whisper a story to us, tell of your travels.
Sing us a song for the day is done.
Sing to us in dreamtime.
Tell us of the Mysteries of the Stars
Tell us of your sister, whos returned from the underworld
Venus ~ shining in the early morning hours.
The both of you hanging in the pre-dawn sky.

Sweet Grandmother Moon
I bid you Good Night
For the day is done.
Watch over as I sleep.
Whisper a song of your travels.
That I may dream with you tonight.
Laying by your side.

Moon over Seattle, photo T.Griffin
Thank you, my friend.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Nature has it's own way of telling time
Bulbs that show themselves at a time only they know to arrive.
Buds on trees.
Pussywillows always before Easter.
How do they know?
I am grateful for this knowing.
This deep internal knowing of Nature.
Oh, teach us of our deeper knowing
Our deeper Divine nature.
The who I am.
I have gratitude for the knowledge I have yet to learn.
I thank you Mother Earth, Father Sky
Teach me of my Divine nature.
Bunting photo by Susanna Liller
Thank you for sharing this Spring gift.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Help me to reach out and touch someone.

Oh, Divine nature that is ours.
Help and guide me today that I may
Touch the lives of the people I met
In ways that bring joy to their hearts.
Help and guide me today.
A person to hug, a smile, a friend to share a meal.
I give thanks for your guidance and strength
Divine nature that is ours.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blessings the Sun is shinning!
Creator I am so happy!
The last couple days of rain and fog
Seemed long
Thank you for this day of Sunshine.