Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hold them Safe

Grandfather, Great Earth Mother
It is so bitter cold here
I know that it is the season
And it is right.
There are some who live here with out homes
Please hold them safe.
Give them places to sit in the warmth.
Be gentle with them in the night
Grandfather, Great Earth Mother
All your children suffer, when one of us suffers
Please hold them safe.
Guide them toward warmth.
Be in their hearts, help them to find joy.
I am humbled in my luxury of home.
Grandfather, Great Earth Mother
Please hear my prayer.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Prayer for a friend

Great Mother,
I beg you to hold my friend
In her loss and sorrow.
I know it is the way and the cycle of life,
Yet, it makes it no less difficult.
Hold her, bring to her comfort.
Great Mother, I ask this of you;
As I am far from my sister
And can not hold her.
Help her to find Peace in this loss.
Great Mother, I thank you for the seasons of life.
May each of us live our life to it's fullest.
Great Mother, I also ask that you
Guide my friend's Mother home.
It is so easy to become lost,
Here on Earth,
Guide her home to her own Light.
Great Mother, thank you for your care and love.

Photo taken in the Zen Garden, Bethlehem, PA
Home to my friend and her mother

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Asking for Guidance

Great Spirit, hear our prayer.
The world is changing so much, so very fast.
Guide us toward Hope,
Teach us the ways of Compassion.
Great Spirit, hear our prayer.

With all the technology, people are moving away from human contact.
Guide us toward Kindness,
Teach us the ways of Comfort.
Great Spirit, hear our prayer.

Great Spirit, hear our prayer.
Guide us to live with an Open Heart
Teach us the way of Living in the Moment.
Great Spirit, hear our prayer.

Great Spirit, hear our prayer
Today, that we may live fully
In a Sacred Way.
Great Spirit, hear our prayer.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grateful for today

Great Spirit
Thank you for today.
I am grateful to wake and see the blue sky.
I am grateful for I have work today.
It is good to be in the world.
Thank you, Great Spirit for this day.

photo taken over Christmas in Pittsburgh 2009