Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another day

Guide me in all that I do.
Oh, Holy Mother.
Watch over me,
That I do not lose my way.
Thank you Holy Mother.
I am most grateful for your presence.
Thank full for this day.
Guide me in all that I do/

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A day of simple beauty Creator
Thank you.
A moment of reflection to guide me this day.
Thank you.
What a gift to be in the world.
Thank you, Creator for this Life that is mine.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thank you

Creator ~
I want to say Thank you!
Thank you for such a day as today!
Thank you for my one wild and wonderful Life.
Thank you Creator
For your Love and all the Beauty you gift
Each and every day.
When I open my eyes.

self study - where did she get that nose?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn-First Song

Welcome Autumn!
Blessing to you.
We are so very grateful for all that you bring.
The time of harvest, the Market a bounty of food and colour.
Blessings you bring.
Happy Equinox!
Come play with us, be with us Autumn.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Maurice Happy Birthday, my friend.

A Birthday Prayer, for you my friend!
As you wake this day, to all that your life still holds
I ask the Circling Winds to bring you gifts to see you through.
It is my hope that you know also that YOU are a gift to me.
Happy Birthday my friend.
As you wake and face the day!

East Wind stands with the morning Sun
Singing of Guidance and Direction.
This gift is meant to help you see a larger view,
while living in the moment.

You turn to hear the South Wind calling out your name
Singing of Forgiveness and Kindness,
Filling your Heart as it lifts on the wind,
Compassion for yourself and others.

Oh, sweet West Wind says wait I too have something for you
Singing it's song in a Bear voice,
Courage, Courage it sings, to BE.
It takes much courage to be Human.
West Wind roars in it's very Bear fierceness.

North Wind he will soon be blowing
As he gently Sings his song to you.
The song of the Ancestors, of Strength and Endurance.
Guiding you to stand in your Truth, while you listen to others.
Honour your Truth.

Mother Earth is laughing
Singing to you, reminding you the Grace she holds for you
Inviting you to notice the gift of Gravity, she shares each day.
She invites you to sing and dance this day, bringing Healing all around.
Mother Earth so loves to hear our JOY.

When the day is done,
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and the Star Nation
Shall show themselves to you,
Reminding you that you are indeed Star Dust.
Then to Dreamtime they will guide you.
Full of this day.
This day of marking, Your Birth, Your coming into this world.

Come play with Us, my friend.
Join in the celebration of this day.
Your Birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!

Picture by Tirzah

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apple crisp in the Air

Oh, Creator, I feel it
The change of the season.
There is and Apple crispness to the Air.
A snap that only happens this time of year.
The change of the season.

Creator, I am in wonder
At the signs you send, the little hints
To all your children.
We humans break out the sweater.
I see the Squirrels really busy.
I've even noticed some of the winter birds
Shoring up their homes.

Oh, Creator, I feel it coming
The change of the season.
The Apple crisp air.
The leaves as they start to change.
Pulling in, pulling inward.
Thank you for the hints of wonder.
Thank you for the beautiful days yet to come.
Thank you Creator.
The change of season comes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a day of Loving

Great Mother Earth, Father Sky
Guide me in Loving what is.
What this day has to offer;
My offering of self.
Guide me in Loving what is.
The sunshine and darkness.
Teach me that all is passing;
as it meant to be.
Great Mother Earth, today
Once again, I give you thanks,
That I may walk upon you belly.
Your Grace- beneath my feet.
Great Father Sky, today
I give thanks for the shelter of your warmth,
The blanket of blue.
That I am protected from harm.
Thank you Mother Earth and Father Sky,
Guide me in Loving what is.
Guide me in Loving myself.

hearts from the Ocean Ricon, Puerto Rico 09

Monday, September 14, 2009

Morning has Broken

Dear Creator
Thank you for this day.
I ask for your guidance in all that I do.
Teach me the ways of Compassion and Gratitude.
Guide my work to be pleasing to you.
Thank you for this day
Dear Creator.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunshine in the Morning

Thank you Creator Mother Father
I am blessed with another day
To laugh, sing, dance, cry and be sorrowful.
A day to Love the Life that is mine.
Thank you Creator Mother Father
Thank you for this day of Sunshine.
Thank you for this gift of Life.
Thank you Creator Mother Father.
Guide me that I might use this day wisely!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Evening Song

Setting sun, the day is done.
I sing to you as I lay myself to rest.
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Star Nation
Welcome~ my eyes are happy to see you
As you wrap the world in night.

Teach me the night songs.
What landscape will I travel?
The guidance that is offered,
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Sweet Star Nation
Sing your songs to me.

Hold me through the might
That I may rise with the morning Sun,
Full of possibility
My day is done,
I am grateful, I am blessed.

Another day, of laughter
Tears and Joy
Mother Earth, Father Sky
Thank you for the gift
Of Being.

Rest well,
Wrapped in my gratitude
My love of Life.
By your Grace, I am Blessed
I sing your Holy Name!


O' Creator
Let me Listen
Invite me to hear
From the inside of my heart.
O' Creator
Let me Sit
Invite me to stillness
In the uncertainty of the moment.
O' Creator
Teach me to listen,
Deep inside my Soul
To hear the wisdom of your words.
O' Creator
Teach me to sit
Simmering, with possibility
That I may become all of Who you see.
O' Creator
I am blessed, by your Love
Your Grace,
Your invitation to life.
O' Creator
I am filled with Gratitude
For this time, of being stew.
Grant me the wisdom, to simmer.
I am Your fruit.
I will come to the feast.
Grateful and with a Happiness You, Creator have brought me.

photo taken by the Amazingly good egg and friend Debbie G.

Monday, September 7, 2009

the Heart is Full!

My heart is full! Great Mother, I have made new friends, traveled, received many treasures, and found some quiet for my Soul. Great Mother, I was given an opportunity to understand how small, I am. Yet, how important a part each of us plays in the ripple of action. Laying in your arms of warm ocean, I could feel the life blood. Though I was far from the place I call home, I swam in the same ocean, walked and laughed on the same sands, that have traveled round the world and back again. I have been kissed by the Sun, and made new of Spirit, by your Grace. Tasted fruit, that gave pause, yet the abundance of what grew so readily at hand; took my breath away. Thank you Great Mother. Thank you also Great Mother that you kept the Captain, crew and all of us on the flight free from harm. To this day Great Mother, I am in awe every time I lift from the ground in flight and land once again to touch your belly. Great Mother My heart is full! I am blessed. I am most Grateful for your love. Blessings to you.

photo of hearts on the wall in Rincon, PR
well sort of Rincon, PR - taken on a scouting trip!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birds are talking

Good Morning!
I hear the Birds talking.
Creator there are mornings,
I wish I knew what they were saying.

When was it that we stopped being able
To Understand other then our own kind?
And even this Creator; we don't seem to do so well.
Creator, guide me to listen from my heart.

Let my voice speak from my heart.
That I may speak clearly,
Storm when it is needed,
Whisper like a breeze at the right moments.

Creator, teach me the way.
To speak and listen.
That I may honour all those,
I know and then again don't.

Guide my words, Creator
When I am lost in my fear,
Help me to Breathe my way through.
Listening for a new way.

Guide me in my Joy, Creator
That it may ripple out like the tide.
Leaving treasures in hearts,
It has touched.

Creator, guide me this day
To listen fully
For the Birds are talking
I want to understand.

photo - T. Griffin
Thank you.