Saturday, May 29, 2010

Watch over them St. Christopher

Saint Christopher,
Watch over those who travel
I ask you keep them safe.
No matter their means of travel,
Or the destination planned.

Saint Christopher,
You who are the Patron Saint of Travel
I call to you,
Guide those that travel,
To rest as needed,
To take time to stretch to stay alert.

Saint Christopher,
Thank you for watching
Over all those that travel.
Keep them in your Soulheart.
As you are kept in mine.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Flamingo Pink raising above the cityscape
The street light outside my window, out
Dawn is breaking
Birds laughing, some talking
Once again we wake
A new day
Ripe with Possibilities.

Let me feel Gratitude,
Invite my Fear to lift.
Oh, most Divine Universe,
I am Thankful for this day
That lies now before me.
What might I bring to this day
That will bring a shine, to the world?

I thank you for another day of Life
Guide me that I not squander it
In pettiness or gossip.
Let my voice sing out in Praise,
Lift up my heart,
Oh, most Divine Universe,
That I may honour this gift of today.

Oh, most Divine Universe,
Help me to pray 108, twice, three times
For the removal of what feels like
Insurmountable obstacles, for all beings.
Thank you for this day.
Thank you for hearing my plea,
Thank you for my own Divine Nature.

photo form the files of Tirzah Griffin @

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blessings This Mother's Day

A holiday created to bring a warring nation
A place of commonality, sameness
Mothers come in many forms, many memories
Some of the Moms, I know are dressed as Dads,
choosing to do double duty.
And then there are the Moms I know that have
not a child to hold.
To one and all I take of my Heart-hat
Happy Mother's Day!

May you find that quiet moment, that feeds your soul, that any child big or small knows there is Shelter here.
May the sound of Laughter, brighten your face, that we may know your Love.
May you know in your soul-heart that each day you wake, you are indeed doing the very Best you can.
You are Loved, held in the arms of the Great Mother herself.
You are seen for I chose not to turn away, I thank you for the never done job of Mothering.
Bright Blessings upon you, for the day is YOURS
As we say here in Maine....Have a Wicked Good Day!

Happy Mother's Day

photo is of one of my old calender's Sheltering
Thank you Tirzah for the upload to Flickr

Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Wings of Our Love - Homeward

Oh, Divine Universe
A simple request for those we Love
The New Stars shining in the Evening Sky.
Guide them in their moment of Surprise,
Their newness that is an oldness.

No longer is there a need for them to Breathe
No longer may they feel us hold them.
Let them feel our Love Surround them,
As we weep, singing of who they are, now were
May this become the Wings of Love,
That carry them Homeward.

Oh, Divine Universe
In your Grace,
We Sing, Love, Live
This cycle of Returning and Re-membering
Guide our friends, these Bright New Stars
On Wings of Our Love

Oh, Divine Universe
Your arms held wide to Hold them
Guide us also in our time of Sorrow
A friend, their last breath, gone.
Your great Compassion.
On Wings of Our Love,
They come Homeward.

All my love to Mary L and friends of Jim Daniels
You will be missed.
Photo of Crow taken by Tirzah Griffin

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grateful Great Spirit

Thank you, Great Spirit
For holding those I love Safe!
I am most Grateful for my Life,
There are difficult days, small sorrows,
Days of so much laughter and joy.
Thank you, Great Spirit.

Thank you, Great Spirit
I am held in your hands.
Thank you, for the gift of Life.
I am blessed.
I feel Honoured to be in the World.
Thank you, Great Spirit.

not sure where I got this photo- but love it.