Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blessings This Mother's Day

A holiday created to bring a warring nation
A place of commonality, sameness
Mothers come in many forms, many memories
Some of the Moms, I know are dressed as Dads,
choosing to do double duty.
And then there are the Moms I know that have
not a child to hold.
To one and all I take of my Heart-hat
Happy Mother's Day!

May you find that quiet moment, that feeds your soul, that any child big or small knows there is Shelter here.
May the sound of Laughter, brighten your face, that we may know your Love.
May you know in your soul-heart that each day you wake, you are indeed doing the very Best you can.
You are Loved, held in the arms of the Great Mother herself.
You are seen for I chose not to turn away, I thank you for the never done job of Mothering.
Bright Blessings upon you, for the day is YOURS
As we say here in Maine....Have a Wicked Good Day!

Happy Mother's Day

photo is of one of my old calender's Sheltering
Thank you Tirzah for the upload to Flickr

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