Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snow Studded Spring Blessing

Momma Gaia, has a fresh covering of Snow here in Maine. Yet still Spring arrives, as the Sun slips into Aries, Bringing the Fire of Heaven and Earth to join in Co-creation. May you feel this fire in your belly, as we too long to wake from our Winter sleep! I sing softly as I feel the diamonds in the snow, Standing barefooted, I am grateful for this sweet snow. When the Earth breaks into ecstasy, I pray we awaken to our own Joy! To the love that surrounds us, Each and everyday~ as we are in this moment! I pray in Gratitude for us all. Blessings of a Sparkling Spring!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come Sacred Directions Be with Us

We call to the Winds of the East
Home of the Morning Sun.
We call to Eagle, Condor .
To Air and Breath~
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Come East,
We call to you~
Guide us to Remember
The wonder of each New Day.
We sing out in Gratitude for this Day,
The Abundance of Possibilities.
Come East, Come be with us.
Play and Heal with us.
Welcome East.

We call to the Winds of the South
Home to Forgiveness.
We call to Rainbow Serpent and Deer.
To Fire and Passion~
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Come South,
We call to you~
Guide us to Find that which Awakens us to our True Nature.
That we may Create Kindness in all that we do.
Come South, Come be with us,
Play and Heal with us.
Welcome South.

We call to the Winds of the West,
Home to the Setting Sun, Bringer of Dusk.
We call to Jaguar, Bear.
To Water and Intuition~
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Come West,
We call to you~
Teach us the ways of Recurring cycles;
That we may understand Transformation,
Death and Rebirth.
The cycles of the ever turning Wheel of Life.
Come West, Come be with us,
Play and Heal with us.
Welcome West.

We call to the Winds of the North,
Home of the Ancestors, those that have gone before and yet to be.
We call to Buffalo, Sweet Hummingbird Medicine,
To Earth and The Great Mystery.
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Come North,
We call to you~
Guide us to the ways of Balance and the Teacher within.
That we may learn to turn within~ to find our deeper truth.
Come North, Come be with us.
Play and Heal with us
Welcome North.

We call to Gaia, Mother Earth
Our Home,
We call to her sisters the Ocean,
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Mother Gaia, we call to the Elementals,
The Rock and Plant People.
We call to your Winged, Finned,Furred, Four Legged,
And Creepy Crawlers.
We call come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Teach and guide us with your Ancient Wisdom.
Come be with us Mother Gaia.
We are so very Grateful for your gift of Gravity,
You offer us so much,
What is it that you ask of us, Mother Gaia?
How may we help Heal our Home?
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Teach us the ways of Love and Compassion.
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
We are Honoured by your presence Mother Gaia.

We call now to Father Sky, the Star People and Grandmother Moon
All that is~
To the Angels and Other Divine Guiding Beings,
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Help is to Re-member, that we are made of Star Dust.
We are filled with Gratitude for the Mysteries of the
Night Canopy.
Come be with us Ascended and Enlighten Masters,
Guide our way home to our Divine Selves.
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
Grateful are we for the Light and the Darkness you wrap around our days.
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
We are Honoured by your presence Father Sky, Star Nation and Grandmother Moon.

We call to the Sacred Place that Dwells within each of us,
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
We call to our personal Teachers, guides and Animals,
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us.
We give Thanks for this Place and the Ancestors that protect this land,
We ask that we be aligned with the Crystalline Christ Grid of Mother Earth.
Come, Come we call
Be here now!
Come be with us, Play and Heal with us,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn Blessing 23.09.11

Day and Night
A reminder of the cycles
Sacred Equinox

What seeds did I plant?
In the Spring~
A marriage again of day and night.
What seeds did I nurture
That now I may harvest?

What seeds did I allow to go fallow?
Intention, that I turned away?
What might I now prepare?
Where is my life no longer in Balance?

May the Abundance of the Harvest
Fill us with Joy.
May our Hearts and Souls Sing with a gladness
Peace and Compassion,
Spill over the land.

May the Winds,
Whisper to us,
Guiding us to Re-member
Who We are.

May we feel the Ripeness
Of Possibility with each
Giving Gratitude for all the Blessings~
We have received.

May our hearts be filled with Warmth
A Kindness toward our fellow Beings.
Awakening to Our knowing that
We are all connected

May we come to know
The Night as friend,
Finding in this quite time
Rest and Dreams.

Let us give Thanks to
Mother Gaia, Father Sky
To all those that have walked before and behind us
We are Blessed to wake to this Day.

May all Love surround you,
As you find within,
Your Sacred Equinox,
Your sense of Balance.
Your Divine Nature~
Blessings I give to thee
In Gratitude


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blessing for Summer Solstice

Blessings of Illumination,
This Longest Day.
Blessings of Darkness,
For how would we know the Light
Were it not for the Dark?

Blessings to you,
Great Mother Gaia, with your Sisters the Sea
Father Sky we thank you, and the Sun
For the Light you gift,
That we may live and grow.

Great Mother Gaia,
Teach us the ways to be patient.
Guide your children to do no harm.
Great Mother Gaia,
So very grateful are we for the gift of Home.

Blessings of Illumination,
The Divine Light within us all.
Blessings of Peace and Kindness.
A gift that All Humankind can share.
Blessings of Illumination,
What gift of Passion~ will you share?

Great Mother Gaia,
Thank you for your ever turning wheel.
Laughter fills my Heart
With my Love for you!

Blessings of Illumination~
Welcome Summer!
Come, come play with us.
Great Mother Gaia, Father Sky,
Four Legged, Winged and Finned,
Tall Ones, Plants, Rocks and Elementals
Come, come play with us!
Summer is here!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Prayer for All Warriors

I may not know your name,
I may not know what war you fought in.
It does not matter – I honor you still!

Did you fight for your beliefs?
Did you leave behind your loved ones?
Did you fight because your country asked this of you?
I am sorry you were lost to us ~
I honor you.

I honor you your beliefs
That took you to war~
I am filled with Gratitude
That I live in a land that
I may speak and act as I choose.
It is because of you that I have these rights.
I honor you.

I honor also those that still find themselves in the fight
For what they believe to be true~
I do not understand that as a Race;
We can not find it in our Hearts ~
Compassion~ Honoring another’s beliefs.
I may not understand why you went to war,
Or the loss of your Life~
I honor you.

Warrior or Soldier
It matters not what I call you~
I honor your choice to
Stand up, hold Space, Believe Your Truth.
I honor you.

I Pray for the day
That all Warrior will be Peaceful.
All Soldiers with Open Arms.
Open Hearted ~
I will Honor You.

For now
I pray for all those that we have lost
To wars
I will remember you,
I honor you.
Blessings to you
Dear Warrior, Dear Soldier
I wish you Peace.
I honor you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Blessing

Blessings this Mother's Day!

for some the day has yet to begin
some have been up all night
for it is a day, like any other, with things that need being done.
Happy Mother's Day!

We are mother's, women
The fabric of the home,
The heartbeat heard when we hold someone close.
The hand that is held, or removes a tear,
or fixes a scrap.

Some of us may keep a sparkling, spotless domain
Others of us, well speaking strictly for me,
Clean yet "artfully" cluttered.
(My loving child - might say different- for her -it's just plain too much!)
Loved none the less.

What makes us Mom - it is not so much the giving birth
It is the minutes that add to a moment, a life time
Of holding, listening, caring.

Of being there
Of saying Yes, sure go ahead
Of the NOs - we said when it mattered most, for surely it was best!
Loved all the more!
Go ask your Mother.........
For in the end we really rule the nest.

It is the moment we agree to listen
To hear another, to give support
We need not understand all the time
That's new and interesting, we say
Tell me more?
Let me know how it goes.
Our heart turned to let it be wonderful.
Let it fill up their hearts, souls the being that is them!

We want what is best
For our children, our friends
We Mother each other in times of distress
Times of great Joy.
We worry about little things as though they were huge.
And some of the big things in life as though they were nothing at all.

With children.
Never haven given birth.
With children who have gone before us.
Of children, knowing it best, we gave them up, too young were we.
Women one and all.

To all my women friends let me say Happy Mother's Day!
Thank you for the times you have Mothered me, and bore with me as I did the
same to you.
For those who have "suffered" me a "Mom moment" upon a stranger,
turning in a tag, or a simple wag of a head NO, don't - ( I couldn't help myself)
I send you my Love and my gratitude.
I mostly Thank Miss Tirzah McWirzy, for inviting me to be Her Mom!
Bright Blessings to you all, this Mother's Day!

Thank you Great Mother, Mother Gaia, Mother Mary your Guidance.

Mother's Day, 13.05.07

Three generations of women~ The Tree of Life~ My mothers name in the roots upon my back! Thank you Jennifer for taking this picture.

Yes, I have used this before~ I added a line. I wish to spend my last moments loving my child before we head out to the airport~ Love you all.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessings of Beltane 2011

As the fires of the night burn low in the fields,
A new day awakens,
In Gratitude and Joy
Great Mother, Great Father
Above and Below
We came singing to your Wedding.

We lit the fires of the debris of last year,
We pray our offerings you would enjoy.
We are grateful for the fertility you whisper on the Earth,
Humbled by the Mystery that harkens in our Souls.

Great Mother, Great Father
Mother Earth, Father Sky
Your Union of the Elementals
Each mid –Spring,
Fire of Passion, Water of Forgiveness,
Earth of Re-membering, Light of Renewal
Guide us in our dreams,
In our waking
Joining the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

Guide us to understand that All Beings
Share in your bounty,
That as we breathe, so do you.
As Our heart’s beat,
We hear Your Song in Harmony.
Guide us Great Mother, Great Father
By your Grace we Live.

As the Beltane fires of what no longer serves,
Burn down, and the New Day awakens,
Guide us,
To Sow that which is in Service,
Kindness, Compassion and Love.
Let us hear Songs of Joy instead of Hatred.
Once again,
Great Mother, Great Father
You have Blessed our Fields
In Fertility~
We pray that we do not squander this gift.

Blessings to you Great Mother, Great Father
We are filled with Gratitude for your gifts.
May we invite the Mystery and Magic to
Fill us with True Wonder
That we may share with All Being.
Guide us to live in Peaceable Harmony.

image is of a Jack in the Pulpit seed pod~