Monday, May 30, 2011

Prayer for All Warriors

I may not know your name,
I may not know what war you fought in.
It does not matter – I honor you still!

Did you fight for your beliefs?
Did you leave behind your loved ones?
Did you fight because your country asked this of you?
I am sorry you were lost to us ~
I honor you.

I honor you your beliefs
That took you to war~
I am filled with Gratitude
That I live in a land that
I may speak and act as I choose.
It is because of you that I have these rights.
I honor you.

I honor also those that still find themselves in the fight
For what they believe to be true~
I do not understand that as a Race;
We can not find it in our Hearts ~
Compassion~ Honoring another’s beliefs.
I may not understand why you went to war,
Or the loss of your Life~
I honor you.

Warrior or Soldier
It matters not what I call you~
I honor your choice to
Stand up, hold Space, Believe Your Truth.
I honor you.

I Pray for the day
That all Warrior will be Peaceful.
All Soldiers with Open Arms.
Open Hearted ~
I will Honor You.

For now
I pray for all those that we have lost
To wars
I will remember you,
I honor you.
Blessings to you
Dear Warrior, Dear Soldier
I wish you Peace.
I honor you.

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