Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Work and Play

Thank you God,
Today I was able to
Work and Play
With time to Pray.
Thank you for this day.

My hands at work,
Soothed the muscles of those in pain.
My hands play,
Counting moons and glazing pots.
My heart hands, with time to sing and Pray.

Thank you Creator Spirit,
This day of work and play.
The chance to sing and Pray.
Thank you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sharing Love

I am most grateful for a weekend
Full of chanting the names of God.
Grateful for an open heart.
Friends and Love.
I am most grateful to be alive.
Thank you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Vernal Equinox

Happy Vernal Equinox!
Welcome Spring.

Well, Spring is here my friends
and if you think it's been a long Winter
try Saturn's at 30 years or Uranus at 84!
They too enter into Spring today!

What an Amazing Universe
we LIVE in.

Welcome Welcome Spring!

May all that has been dreaming this Winter come to the light.
The Sun our source of light, love, power and Life.
Call forth with its radiance
Come out and Dance
Be you, Earthworm, flower bulbs planted deep.
Come out into the Illumination.
Tall ones, Winged and Furred
Swimmers of the Deep, all Finned
Feel the warmth of the Light.
Oh, you two-legged Humankind,
Let the radiance of the Sun,
Illuminate your Heart.
May all invite their inner light
to shine.
Share in this day the great Blessings.
Offered, taste the warmth on your skin.
Smell it on the tip of your tongue.
Feel the song of all creatures as there is a
Deep Gladness.
Mother Earth awakens.
Breathe deep of the Joy.
Join in the Mystery of Life.

Welcome Spring.

20.03 09
Rosemary S. Erb

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Joy at the Song.

Winged Ones
Hell-o and Welcome.
It is good to hear your
Sweet songs again.
Find you hiding in the bushes
Even here in the pocket of the city.
I have missed your song.
Sad that I did not hear you
When the Autumn, then Winter
Now Spring is around the corner

Your songs I do hear
Thank you Winged Ones
Your rustling in the trees as I walk by.
Welcome. Welcome.
I thank you for your return.
I am home.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hope, Spring is coming!

Sweet Mother Earth
Thank you!
There's snow still on the ground.
Yet I smell Spring in the air.
I see the new green leaves.
And yesterday-
Mother Earth
I was blessed with little flowers growing!
They were hiding under a snow bank.
Oh, the wonders you gift!
Sweet Mother Earth~
Hope is truly in the air
Spring! It feels like it has been a very
Long Winter's nap.
Your Spring waking.
The signs and sounds circle us.
Our eyes to open.
Thank you!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Divine Guidance
Guide me this day.
I know that I stumble and fall.
I know that I am strong and proud.
Guide me this day,
In the ways of Compassion,
Gentleness, Forgiveness.
Guide me with your
Divine Guidance
That I may become all that I am.
That is enough!
Guide me, today.
Thank you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank you for this day.

Creator of all that which is
I am full of gratitude for all that
comes into my life.
I thank you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homestead Sweat Lodge

The fire is made ready
We give thanks for the songs of the Tall Ones,
That came to burn and warm
Stone People to heat the Lodge and hear our Prayers.
All that will sit with us this day in the Lodge.
Thunkasila, we give Thanks.
Please hear our Prayers Thunkasila.

Hau Kola
Our Prayers, tobacco and corn.
We come to this Lodge today
To sing and pray.
We bring our Prayers,
Wrapped in cloth
To guide us in our time of need.
We come in Gratitude,
We come to Sing of Healing.
Thunkasila, we Thank you.
For taking this time with us.
Please hear our Prayers, Thunkasila.

We sit and pray
East, we ask for Guidance and Direction.
Each time more Stone People, Thunkasila
Come to hear our songs and Prayers
.South, we ask for forgiveness, and you show us Kindness
More Stone People, Thunkasila
Hear our songs, Prayer, and help us release
We sit now in the West, Thunkasila
We pray for Courage,
The Lodge still and prayerful.
Stone People, come as we sing and Pray
North, Thunkasila
The Ancestors, guide us with Strength and Endurance
We sing, pray and laugh for those that we love.
Please hear our Prayers Thunkasila.

Grateful for this time with you, Thunkasila
Thank you, we are cleansed and blessed by your presence.
We are Thankful, a gift of the Sweat Lodge
To send to you our songs, our prayer, request
Please hear our Prayers Thunkasila.
Thank you Thunkasila.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Calling to Spring

Sweet Mother Earth,
I hear your stirrings.
I hear the little winged ones in my
City neighborhood calling to you.

Calling wake up, wake up
Spring is coming!
Melting snow,
Mother - I have even seen
Little bits of green coming up,
Showing us their growing-ness!
I am so very happy!

Sweet Mother Earth
I hear your stirrings,
Wake up, wake up
Roll over again for just a bit longer.
What dreams have you dreamt?
I am curious to know.

Wake up, Spring is coming
Mother Earth
I smell it in the air,
The songs the ground is singing.
Oh, sweet Mother Earth
Throw off your winter blanket
Spring is coming!

Sweet Mother Earth
I hear your stirrings
Spring is on the way!
Come be with us, play with us.
We are ready.
It has been a long winter nap.

Wake up to spring, Sweet Mother Earth.
I hear the whole of your children calling
Wake up Momma, wake up come play with us.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

As One

Ah, Mama Ayahuasca,
I thank you and Jaguar medicine.
I am grateful for your calling.
Thank you for helping to burn off what is not needed.

Mama Ayahuasca,
My journey is still long
Yet, I clearly feel that I am One
With all that surrounds me
With Love.

Mama Ayahuasca,
Thank you for guiding me to Snake
Shedding the old that the new may Emerge.
I look forward to this new me, with her new skin.
I feel blessed.
Thank you.

Mama Ayahuasca,
Thank you for your gift.
I am most grateful for the opportunity
To feel your warmth and healing in my Soul.
The belly and fire of Mother Earth
I am blessed.

Mama Ayahuasca,
As the sun rises I feel myself soar and stretch
Opening in my Heart and Soul
They become as One.
I feel the Crow in me take flight.
Thank you.

Mama Ayahuasca,
Thank you for the friends
Know and unknown that have shared this journey.
Today, my Breathe holds new Hope, new Promise.
Thank you
Mama Ayahuasca.

photo by T.Griffin
Thank you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Gifts of Friends and Struggle

Creator Spirit
It's me again
A child of this wondrous Universe
I want to say Thank you,
Thank you for the gifts of Struggle
They have taught me to leave pride on the side of the road
It is not to say I am not Proud of being Me,
It is the pride, I have laid down.
To ask honestly for help.

Thank you for the gift of Friends,
Creator Spirit.
With out them life would be too difficult to bear.
To listen to their sorrows and laughter, reminds me
I am part of a greater whole.
I am not alone on this path I walk.
Thank you, I have been given many opportunity
To offer help, and receive it as well.

Creator Spirit,
It is indeed me again.
I am grateful that I am able to speak
To you each day.
That you will take the time to listen
With an Open Heart-
Thank you,
May I learn to be more like you.
Blessings on All this day.
photo taken by the famous T. Griffin

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayer in Difficult Times

Great Creator,
Hear my plea, I am but one of many
I ask that you continue to share with me the morning Sun
A gentle reminder that each day opens with new Possibilities.
Great Creator,
You show me the way of forgiveness and kindness
I am thankful for this gift.
I thank you also for the times you forgive me,
When I falter in forgiving others.
Great Creator,
Help guide me toward my own Courage
To face these difficult times with my head held high.
Allow me the courage without being so Proud as to not ask for help.
Great Creator,
Show me the ways of strength and endurance,
That I may learn to give more and do with less.
I know that I have enough that I can share.
Oh, Great Creator,
Thank you for the Sky of blue, and the gifts of Breath.
As I take in each Breath, I am reminded that it is life,
A gift you gave for your children.
Oh, Great Creator
Help us Heal,
That we may be better stewards of our Mother Earth.
Show us your ways of Being.
I thank you,
Great Creator for listening and hearing my voice,
For I am but one in a sea of voices.
Thank you, Great Creator.
Thank you!