Monday, March 9, 2009

Calling to Spring

Sweet Mother Earth,
I hear your stirrings.
I hear the little winged ones in my
City neighborhood calling to you.

Calling wake up, wake up
Spring is coming!
Melting snow,
Mother - I have even seen
Little bits of green coming up,
Showing us their growing-ness!
I am so very happy!

Sweet Mother Earth
I hear your stirrings,
Wake up, wake up
Roll over again for just a bit longer.
What dreams have you dreamt?
I am curious to know.

Wake up, Spring is coming
Mother Earth
I smell it in the air,
The songs the ground is singing.
Oh, sweet Mother Earth
Throw off your winter blanket
Spring is coming!

Sweet Mother Earth
I hear your stirrings
Spring is on the way!
Come be with us, play with us.
We are ready.
It has been a long winter nap.

Wake up to spring, Sweet Mother Earth.
I hear the whole of your children calling
Wake up Momma, wake up come play with us.

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