Monday, March 29, 2010

Ordinary~ Extra -ordinariness

Grateful for all the Ordinary moments of life
Ones that in there mundane~ness
Became extraordinaire
For these Great Spirit
I am Grateful beyond words.

Moments that make a Life
Sorrows and Joys
Our Humanness revealed.
Extraordinary ordinariness
For these Great Spirit
I am Grateful beyond words.

I lift up my arms to you,
I give Thanks for Life
My very Human experience.
For these Great Spirit
I am Grateful beyond words.

Let me sing to thee
Great Spirit,
Dance with all the Joy in my Heart
May my Sorrows,
Weep till they find Gladness,
Renewal, for does not all growth
Come at some point from death?

I am Grateful beyond words,
Great Spirit,
Please hear my song,
As I sing to you this day.
Cleansing my fears,
I walk with friends.
For this Great Spirit
I am Grateful beyond words.

photo by Debbie K. Graul -
one of those moments that happen ever it the same
Life springs forth ~ changing everything

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Open Heart

Today, guide me to keep an Open Heart
I acknowledge adversity in the world.
May my Open Heart,
Guide me to see, and overcome that which is mine.
I acknowledge my Growth
Your will be done.
I give Thanks for this day,
Small gladness and heavy sorrows.
Today, guide me to keep an Open Heart.

4th July 2009 - photo by C.O'Conner

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vernal Equinox, Welcome Oh, Glorious Spring

Invite yourself on this the beginning of Spring
to awaken your senses.
We've all noticed how the shift of the light,
the feel of the spring sun makes us feel.
Note, also the desire to throw open the windows.
What then the windows of our Souls,
Let in and Invite
never before imaged dreams.
Breathe in the air filled with a richness,
not noticed during our Winter's rest.
These are the Dreams and Desires to create for
ourselves new opportunities, to re-direct our paths.
Sweep out - Rake out if need be;
Forgive and break out of old Habits and Patterns.
May the air that you Breathe be filled with the richness of the Universe.
May that which you eat remind you of the Great bountifulness of Life.
May you always have a hand to hold in times of need, you do not walk alone.
May your name be spoken with the reverence that is your Devin-ness.
May your hearts eyes be open to both a Gladness and small Sorrows;
that your Life be well Lived.


~ Rosemary

this from a Gallic Prayer

May the Nourishment of the Earth be yours.
May the Clarity of Light be yours.
May the fluidly of the Ocean be yours.
May the Protection of Ancestors be yours,
and May a slow wind wrap these words of love
around you like an invisible cloak to mind your Life.

photo of Winter Aconite - from Ann's garden

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, 19th March 2010

Great Spirit, that which moves all that which moves
I am Grateful for my Life.
Thank you, for all,
That is part and parcel~
If I had not the tears,
I'd not know the Sunshine.
Laughter and Sorrow,
Thank you~

Great Spirit, that which moves all that which moves.
Guide me to share what gifts I have been given
Come sit at my table,
Let me hold you, share in your joy
Laugh with you, cry in your sorrow.
Feed your Soulheart.
Thank you friends.
Grateful in abundance,
Great Spirit, that which moves all that which moves.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Moon, On the Ides of March

Grandmother Moon,
Emotions running high
Let this wash us clean.
Rain and tide,
Be gentle with the flooding
Grandmother Moon, I ask of you.
May we find compassion,
In all that twists and turns.

Guide us, Grandmother Moon,
Turning us toward Love, as we
Surrender the grips of fear that hold our Heart.
Show us the way,
As you again glide gentle into the sky
The smallest of silvers, shining in the Darkness.

Grandmother Moon,
Let my heart flood with Kindness,
Teach us this Re-membering of our Self.
The Soul, that can die and be reborn anew.
Gentle and loving.

Thank you Grandmother Moon,
Each cycle you bring a gift,
An opportunity to grow to fullness,
Releasing what does not serve.
Thank you for your sweet light,
Grandmother Moon,
Thank your for your soft singing to sleep

Wisdom Song a 14'drum looking like a full moon

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hope blooms

Great Goddess,
Sweet Mother Earth,
In my struggle and sorrow,
You guide me in beauty.
I am most grateful.

Great Goddess,
Sweet Mother Earth,
I am honoured by your belief in me.
My eyes open to the wonder surrounding me.

Great Goddess,
Sweet Mother Earth,
I feel your waking,
Smell it in my growth.
See it in the Hope that blooms.

Great Goddess,
Sweet Mother Earth,
Hold and guide me in sorrow,
Teach me to keep an open Heart.
Let me not lose the path of Love.

Photo taken 6 March ’10 at a friend’s house
Plant is Winter Aconite, part of the buttercup family