Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Blessing

Blessings to you~
Great Mother Earth.

Great Mother Earth ~
Let us sing praise to You.
For by your Grace,
We walk upon your belly.

Great Mother Earth~
Guide us, teach us the ways
To grow, to have an attentive Soul.

Great Mother Earth ~
Teach us to Share,
That we may know all our Sisters and Brothers.
To want less, to see the gifts before us.

Great Mother Earth~
So very grateful are we
To be able to call you Home.
To be part of this great Community you have helped Co-Create

Great Mother Earth ~
Guide us, teach us to Honour
All that live upon your belly,
The Four Legged, the Winged, Furred and Finned,
The Invertebrates, Creepy Crawlers, all of the Mineral Nation.

Great Mother Earth~
There are also all the beautiful Plant People
The Tall Ones, Rocks and Gems ~
Teach us, guide us to care, for our Home.

Great Mother Earth ~
Guide us to have an Open Heart
To keep our Heart Fire burning
As you have done throughout time.

Great Mother Earth~
Thank you for inviting and sharing
The wonderful bounty of You.
Grateful are we.

Blessings to You
Great Mother Earth.
This Day we call Earth Day.
Blessings to you~

photo by Debbie K. Graul
from Bethlehem, PA - I call it Growingness~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Forgivness, Past, Present and Yet to Be

This is a prayer about forgiving….I did not write it, it is touching and a reminder for me that we can Heal, with Compassion, Forgiveness, Love and Intent. I am reminded also that each time we heal a part of our story we heal the future generations, and those that have passed. Blessings.

I am coping it from a book called The Short Bus, A Journey Beyond Normal. It was shared with the author of the book Jonathan Mooney, by Jeff – from his Book of Wisdom. Jeff it seems copied it from a brochure, while sharing a meal. It comes from Dr. Ponder’s Posterity Decrees Brochure, and can be found on page 251 of The Short Bus. It is one I felt that indeed needs to be shared. I am hopeful that you agree.

All that has
Offended me I FORGIVE.
Within and Without,
I Forgive, Things Past,
Things Present, Things
Future, I FORGIVE.
I Forgive Everything
And Everybody who can Possibly
Need Forgiveness
Of the Past or the Present.
I FORGIVE Positively
Everyone, I AM FREE
ALL Things are
Cleared up Now
Between Us Now
And Forever.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prayer After a Fire...

Oh, Sacred Tall Ones,
I stand and weep for the loss
In the Bosque del Apache.
Sweet woods on the Rio Grande

Mother Earth,
I stand and weep
The habitat of many
Four legged, Winged, and Creepy Crawlers
Gone now.

Oh, Sweet Woods ~
I stand and weep
Mother Earth, Father Sky,
Great Spirit
I stand and weep~

We are all one,
Each connected by a thread
Of Being, inhabitants of this place we call home.
I stand and weep
Oh, sweet Bosque del Apache
I stand and weep
At our loss.

Photo from a website for the Bosque Del Apache- I believe it is a cotton wood. It may no longer be standing...I weep