Friday, December 31, 2010

Possibilites Galore For 2011 New Year's Blessing


Oh, my Dear Sweet Loves
New Years Eve is upon us!

Opportunity knocks.
Sit, listen to the sound of your Breath
Grounding toward Your Desires
For this coming Year.

Have you taken time to reflect?
What Passions are calling to you?
Are the seeds of your Dreams ready to be watered?
What have you done to close the doors that no longer serve you?

Let us Wash the slate, dust out the Cobwebs;
As the Sun sets we can release the old,
Creating Space for the New, the unknown.
To the Mornings Light.

Let us align ourselves in Compassion,
Toward all Life.
May we be guided to Respect,
Those we presently call our Enemies.
Closing cycles of Fear and Hatred.
We Welcome 2011!

Let us Open our Hearts,
Hearing from this Sacred place.
May we learn to Listen,
Hearing our story in others voices.
Closing cycles of Self-Righteousness.
We Welcome 2011!

Let us Invite Love,
Being Present to the moments,
Not basing our reactions on Hurts of the Past.
May we be guided to our Truth.
Opening a cycle of Compassion and Kindness.
We Welcome 2011!

Let us Cultivate Communication
Clear, Honest
RE-membering that we are all One,
Opening a cycle of Peace.
We welcome 2011!

Let us Pray
In Gratitude,
In our Sorrow.
May our voices Ring out in shared Song,
With different tunes.
Opening a cycle of Tolerance.
We welcome 2011!

May we see the Abundance,
The Magic and Mystery.
May we be guided to our Highest Potent.
May we Honour our Gifts.
Share with those less fortunate.
May we Laugh, more then we Cry.
May we Sing out in Gratitude and Wonder.
YES, indeed we welcome 2011!
Come 2011, come Play with us, Be with us
Teach us the ways of Possibilities and Opportunity.

We sit these last hours with 2010
We give Thanks to all that we have learned~
The Growth, both Sorrowful and Joyful!
We Thank you 2010 ~ Good night.
We Welcome 2011, a New Day, a New Year.
We are Grateful for this New Moment in our Lives.
Welcome 2011.

Holding the Intention for All that what you desire brings great Joy. May Your Year be most Prosperous and Bright. Wishing you the Ordinary turned Extraordinary, Have a Healthy Year!

Photo by T.Griffin Sunrise - Gold Camp Road, Front Range CO.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice Blessing

Dear Hearts
The longest night is with us,
Father Sky and the Star Nation coupling
Grandmother Moon in a lunar eclipse.
The Wonder in our life time ~ 400 years
Since this has happened at Galactic Center.

Oh, the Magic and Mystery we have been gifted.
As Raven returns the Sun, giving us back Light
In a time of Cold and Darkness.
Turning Coppery –red, sharing a new Energy.
Opportunities for Spiritual Connections deeper
In our Being.

Let us Open our Hearts
To our emotions, release our Fear
Sinking into our Creativity.
Let us Open our Minds
To our Ability to Manifest that which is in the Highest Good.
Let us Sing to our Ancestors,
Honoring our Relationships with all the Creatures of the Earth.
It matters not Winged, Finned, Four-legged, Creepy Crawlers, Stone People, Tree People, We the Two-legged
We are All One.

We are the channels for growth and Change.
Let us Bless the seeds of Releasing, the seeds of New Creation.
Let us Invite that which no longer serves us to be gone from our lives.
May we find our own Awakening, bringing us to our Divine Nature.
Blessings to you on this the shortest day of the year.
Dream and feed well the Seeds you wish to plant,
Come Spring Equinox.

Blessing to All The Earth Creatures
Happy Winter Solstice
May the Gifts of this day bring Joy.
May your New Year be Bright,
With a Light shining from within.
Blessing onto You and Yours
May we live in Harmony.

photo - Raven and The Sun by littleredelf

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Prayer for Snow

Great Spirit, that which moves all that which moves
It is chilly and I am concerned
I share this with you,
Trusting in your Wisdom.

We are still without Snow
Here in the North lands by the Sea.
I am worried for the animals, the plant people
For Mother Earth has no blanket.

Great Spirit, that which moves all that which moves
I am most grateful for the winter
The chance to slow down, taking time to reflect.
Please may we have Snow~

Great Spirit, that which moves all that which moves
Thank you.
I feel Blessed, trusting in your Wisdom.
Trusting in the changing Seasons.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Gift

Oh, Great Mother
Thank you for the gifts
You shared with me.
Gifts of Joy and silly-ness
That I was able to share with my daughter.

Great Mother,
Thank you for the gift,
Of a safe place to raise her,
A place so full of wonder
Mystery and Magic.
Thank you great Mother
For Raising us both in that
Little town.

Joy, what a state of Grace,
Sliding down a banister!
Great Mother, laughter springs
Full on from my body
Watching ~
Thank you Great Mother
For giving me the gift of McWirzy.

Check out this piece for it all to come together.