Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice Blessing

Dear Hearts
The longest night is with us,
Father Sky and the Star Nation coupling
Grandmother Moon in a lunar eclipse.
The Wonder in our life time ~ 400 years
Since this has happened at Galactic Center.

Oh, the Magic and Mystery we have been gifted.
As Raven returns the Sun, giving us back Light
In a time of Cold and Darkness.
Turning Coppery –red, sharing a new Energy.
Opportunities for Spiritual Connections deeper
In our Being.

Let us Open our Hearts
To our emotions, release our Fear
Sinking into our Creativity.
Let us Open our Minds
To our Ability to Manifest that which is in the Highest Good.
Let us Sing to our Ancestors,
Honoring our Relationships with all the Creatures of the Earth.
It matters not Winged, Finned, Four-legged, Creepy Crawlers, Stone People, Tree People, We the Two-legged
We are All One.

We are the channels for growth and Change.
Let us Bless the seeds of Releasing, the seeds of New Creation.
Let us Invite that which no longer serves us to be gone from our lives.
May we find our own Awakening, bringing us to our Divine Nature.
Blessings to you on this the shortest day of the year.
Dream and feed well the Seeds you wish to plant,
Come Spring Equinox.

Blessing to All The Earth Creatures
Happy Winter Solstice
May the Gifts of this day bring Joy.
May your New Year be Bright,
With a Light shining from within.
Blessing onto You and Yours
May we live in Harmony.

photo - Raven and The Sun by littleredelf

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