Monday, August 31, 2009

Feel sometimes like a motherless child.....

Oh, my sweet Mother Earth
This weekend I felt like a Motherless child.
There were moments that I could not feel you surrounding me.
I felt lost in a rush of hurry, hurry.
I was lost in the neediness of others.
I lost sight and touch of your loving body.

Please forgive me.
Sometimes I feel like a mother less child.
Yet, in my heart I know your are there
Again, I am held. I can feel your love.
Guide me to love, compassion.

I thank you for the Great Abundance that I was able to have before me.
Share with others.
Guide me to know that by walking my path true to you, myself and I,
Then others may learn.
Teach me that I need to respect others in their right to be
In a place of fear and lack.
Forgive me, my lack of compassion.

Oh, sweet Mother Earth,
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.
I am blessed by your wisdom and grace.
Thank you sweet Mother, for allowing me to walk upon your belly.
Thank you for the abundance of my Life.

Let me sing to you Sweet Mother Earth.
That you may hear my gratitude like the singing of the birds.
Let me dance for you,
That you may feel me as the leaves sway in a breeze.
I am grateful for the grace you gift.

Thank you sweet Mother Earth.
I am blessed knowing I am really never a motherless child.

art work by Jaap Eduard Helder- Untitled
I want to call it The Dance

Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer for A Hurricane

I pray to thee, oh Mother Earth, Father Sky, and whirling winds of the Four Directions. Calling all forces to protect and care for the winged ones over the waters, the creatures who's life is spent in the Ocean deep, following upon her Tides. To watch over those who's lives are spent making a Life for family from the bounty of the Great Seas, and those who's job it is to keep them safe.
Be gentle sweet Ocean Storm, let not our Fear feed you, feel the love and gentle hearts that embrace you. Let us weep for what has been lost, wash clean all Hatred. Leave in your wake the treasure of Peace and Acceptance toward our fellow inhabitants of the Universe.
I am grateful for this opportunity to feel, your tears, I am humbled in your wake.
I request and pray that all may find Safe Harbour. That those who's life you may take find their way home, across the bridge.

I thank Elizabeth Fraser for her Kettle Cove photos
This piece was written in September 2003 for another Hurrican

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Grandmother, Guide us

Unchi,guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty,
As older women.
Guide us,as the world
Seems to forget us.
Feels that we are no longer viable.
Unchi,guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty.

Unchi, guide us, give us Compassion
Teach us the way of your Wisdom.
We are grateful for our Life
The roads and stories we have walked.
The sorrow and joy we have shared.
Unchi, guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty.

Unchi, we wish to share,
Our stories, the lessons we have learned.
The courage of being in the world,
Teach us your way,
You have been around for all time.
Unchi,guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty.

Unchi, we too are Wise Women
Bless us this day
As we choose to walk with our Sisters.
Those who are here and those that have gone before.
We give thanks for this time of deep breathing.
Unchi,guide us to see
Our Wisdom, our Beauty.

*Unchi is Lakota for Grandmother

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dreamtime Prayer

Guide me Grandmother Moon, Star Nation
In the language of dreams.
I walk in this gift of the Night
Guide me to the Wisdom,
In this Dreamtime passage.
A mingling of the day and the night.
Neither more real.
I walk in this gift of Dreams.
I am grateful for the Mystery,
The time I am given in the Wonder.
Guide me Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Star Nation
Your night language.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I sing to you....

Creator, I wish to share with you my Joy.
The love I feel in the world.
I want to tell you how grateful I am
For the gifts I have received.
Family and Friends,
though I wonder are they that different?

Creator, I sing and dance with you,
Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Sun and the Star Nation
I am blessed as they share
My becoming.
May I sing out my song to you,
till I my last note is sung.

Creator, thank you once again for this day

Thank you Tirzah for yet another fab photo

Thursday, August 20, 2009

GentleMoring Waking

There is a slow gentle waking this morning
Thank you.

I wish to Pray, Live
Compassion, Hope and Kindness
A gentleness of Being.

May I leave a trace of Stardust today
No mark of harm.

There is a slow gentle waking to this day.
My soul rejoice.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Apache Blessing

May the sun bring you new energy by day
May the moon softly restore you by night
May the rain wash away your worries
May the breeze blow new strength into your being
May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life

A thank you to Chris Davis for the Balanced Rocks and Maurice Leavitt for the Copy of the Blessing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Welcome

Good Morning Sunday!
Welcome Sun, rising from the ocean.

A day to sing and dance a new song of being.
What will I sing?
I wish to sing a song of Gratitude.
I wish to sing a song of Friends.
I wish to sing a song of Health.
Will I dance with the sway of the Earth?
My steps in time with Joy?
Or will they be in time with Sorrow?

Good Morning Sunday
Welcome to this day.
What song I sing the day will tell as it unfolds.
For I am filled with the wonder of Friends,
A Gratefulness of Being.
I sing and pray Health for loved ones.

I desire my steps in dance to keep time
With the moment.
Joy and Sorrow, Laughter and Tears
In the moment of Being.
I am here to experience all the day has to offer.

Welcome Sunday Morning.
Good Morning.
Come let us sing and dance with the day.
Thank you for this day.
Welcome Sunday Morning.

thank you Tirzah this am Sun photo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Guidance this Day

I pray today for guidance
Great Mother Goddess.
I ask for your guidance,
that I may be a better person.
I ask for your guidance,
that I may learn from your wisdom.

Great Mother Goddess,
I live this day in gratitude
for all the blessings that are mine.
I accept responsibility for my actions.

Guide me, Great Mother Goddess,
for I am a child of the Universe.
It is my desire to bring you Honour.
I pray to you this day for your guidance,
Wisdom and gift of Compassion.
Blessing to you.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good Night.

Creator Mother Father
I bid thee Good Night
My thanks for a glorious day.
May you watch over your children as we sleep.

Creator Mother Father
Guide our dreams,
Show us the way of releasing.
Invite our bodies to be restful.

Creator Mother Father
I ask that I may wake
To sing another Day.

Creator Mother Father
Thank you for this Glorious Day!
Good Night.

Family Knots

Great Spirit, guide us this weekend.
Guide our words, our thoughts.
We've come together to celebrate.
There are friends and family,
So much going on, so close together.
Guide our words, our thoughts.

We've come together to celebrate.
Let us hold that in common.
May old stories, that do not serve be put aside.
Friends and family
Friendship and love!
Let that be the prevailing wind.

Thank you Great Spirit for inviting us all
Together to Celebrate!
Guide us with Wisdom, Laughter and Joy.
There is time enough for sorrow.
Let us raise our voices, heal together
As we celebrate!

Thank you Great Spirit for hearing this prayer
Thank you for your healing wisdom.
Thank you for the Breathe of Life.
Thank you for this day.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Guide me with your Compassion

Sweet Mother Earth, Sweet Grandmother Moon
I pray to you both today
Guide me toward my Compassionate Heart.
I find it toward others, yet the struggle
Compassion for myself.
I find so very difficult.

Sweet Mother Earth, Sweet Grandmother Moon
I pray guide me with your Compassion.
Teach me the ways, calm, struggle, compassion.
I watch your moods, the tides of emotion.
Guide me with your Compassion.

Sweet Mother Earth, Sweet Grandmother Moon,
Guide me toward myself.
I thank you for your sweet Grace.
Filled with your story, I too
Will guide others toward their Compassionate Heart.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Full- When Things Ripen Moon

La Luna,
I watch as you rise.
Pink full with promise,
What stories do you have to share?

La Luna,
It is past the middle of summer
I believe some call you the Pink Moon.
Others When Things Ripen Moon.

La Luna,
What now is ripening ~ there are many Earth Changes
You dance across the sky,
As I howl in wonder!

La Luna,
La Luna, sing us a song
Share with us the stories
As you dance across the sky!

Watch Over Us.

Great Spirit, I ask you to watch over those I love.
Family and friends.
Help guide them toward their highest good.

Hold and protect them
Let your light fill their days
Great Spirit, I ask you to watch over those I love.

My love and heart I gift to you.
Teach us the way of compassion.
Guide us to care for ourselves, that we may then care for others.

Great Spirit, be with those I love
In sickness and in their health.
Guide us toward knowing what is in our highest good.

Show us the way of Hope.
Fill our hearts with your Grace.
Great Spirit, I ask you to watch over those I love.

Great Spirit, be with those I love
As they struggle with their grief,
Guide us through our sorrow and loss.

I give you my Gratitude as you hold us close.
Watch over those I love.
My heart is full of You and your Kindness.