Monday, August 31, 2009

Feel sometimes like a motherless child.....

Oh, my sweet Mother Earth
This weekend I felt like a Motherless child.
There were moments that I could not feel you surrounding me.
I felt lost in a rush of hurry, hurry.
I was lost in the neediness of others.
I lost sight and touch of your loving body.

Please forgive me.
Sometimes I feel like a mother less child.
Yet, in my heart I know your are there
Again, I am held. I can feel your love.
Guide me to love, compassion.

I thank you for the Great Abundance that I was able to have before me.
Share with others.
Guide me to know that by walking my path true to you, myself and I,
Then others may learn.
Teach me that I need to respect others in their right to be
In a place of fear and lack.
Forgive me, my lack of compassion.

Oh, sweet Mother Earth,
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.
I am blessed by your wisdom and grace.
Thank you sweet Mother, for allowing me to walk upon your belly.
Thank you for the abundance of my Life.

Let me sing to you Sweet Mother Earth.
That you may hear my gratitude like the singing of the birds.
Let me dance for you,
That you may feel me as the leaves sway in a breeze.
I am grateful for the grace you gift.

Thank you sweet Mother Earth.
I am blessed knowing I am really never a motherless child.

art work by Jaap Eduard Helder- Untitled
I want to call it The Dance

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