Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Welcome

Good Morning Sunday!
Welcome Sun, rising from the ocean.

A day to sing and dance a new song of being.
What will I sing?
I wish to sing a song of Gratitude.
I wish to sing a song of Friends.
I wish to sing a song of Health.
Will I dance with the sway of the Earth?
My steps in time with Joy?
Or will they be in time with Sorrow?

Good Morning Sunday
Welcome to this day.
What song I sing the day will tell as it unfolds.
For I am filled with the wonder of Friends,
A Gratefulness of Being.
I sing and pray Health for loved ones.

I desire my steps in dance to keep time
With the moment.
Joy and Sorrow, Laughter and Tears
In the moment of Being.
I am here to experience all the day has to offer.

Welcome Sunday Morning.
Good Morning.
Come let us sing and dance with the day.
Thank you for this day.
Welcome Sunday Morning.

thank you Tirzah this am Sun photo.

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