Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer for A Hurricane

I pray to thee, oh Mother Earth, Father Sky, and whirling winds of the Four Directions. Calling all forces to protect and care for the winged ones over the waters, the creatures who's life is spent in the Ocean deep, following upon her Tides. To watch over those who's lives are spent making a Life for family from the bounty of the Great Seas, and those who's job it is to keep them safe.
Be gentle sweet Ocean Storm, let not our Fear feed you, feel the love and gentle hearts that embrace you. Let us weep for what has been lost, wash clean all Hatred. Leave in your wake the treasure of Peace and Acceptance toward our fellow inhabitants of the Universe.
I am grateful for this opportunity to feel, your tears, I am humbled in your wake.
I request and pray that all may find Safe Harbour. That those who's life you may take find their way home, across the bridge.

I thank Elizabeth Fraser for her Kettle Cove photos
This piece was written in September 2003 for another Hurrican

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  1. Hi Rosemary! Thanks for the note & credit on my photo. Your Hurricane Prayer is perfect!