Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birds are talking

Good Morning!
I hear the Birds talking.
Creator there are mornings,
I wish I knew what they were saying.

When was it that we stopped being able
To Understand other then our own kind?
And even this Creator; we don't seem to do so well.
Creator, guide me to listen from my heart.

Let my voice speak from my heart.
That I may speak clearly,
Storm when it is needed,
Whisper like a breeze at the right moments.

Creator, teach me the way.
To speak and listen.
That I may honour all those,
I know and then again don't.

Guide my words, Creator
When I am lost in my fear,
Help me to Breathe my way through.
Listening for a new way.

Guide me in my Joy, Creator
That it may ripple out like the tide.
Leaving treasures in hearts,
It has touched.

Creator, guide me this day
To listen fully
For the Birds are talking
I want to understand.

photo - T. Griffin
Thank you.

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