Friday, September 18, 2009

Maurice Happy Birthday, my friend.

A Birthday Prayer, for you my friend!
As you wake this day, to all that your life still holds
I ask the Circling Winds to bring you gifts to see you through.
It is my hope that you know also that YOU are a gift to me.
Happy Birthday my friend.
As you wake and face the day!

East Wind stands with the morning Sun
Singing of Guidance and Direction.
This gift is meant to help you see a larger view,
while living in the moment.

You turn to hear the South Wind calling out your name
Singing of Forgiveness and Kindness,
Filling your Heart as it lifts on the wind,
Compassion for yourself and others.

Oh, sweet West Wind says wait I too have something for you
Singing it's song in a Bear voice,
Courage, Courage it sings, to BE.
It takes much courage to be Human.
West Wind roars in it's very Bear fierceness.

North Wind he will soon be blowing
As he gently Sings his song to you.
The song of the Ancestors, of Strength and Endurance.
Guiding you to stand in your Truth, while you listen to others.
Honour your Truth.

Mother Earth is laughing
Singing to you, reminding you the Grace she holds for you
Inviting you to notice the gift of Gravity, she shares each day.
She invites you to sing and dance this day, bringing Healing all around.
Mother Earth so loves to hear our JOY.

When the day is done,
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and the Star Nation
Shall show themselves to you,
Reminding you that you are indeed Star Dust.
Then to Dreamtime they will guide you.
Full of this day.
This day of marking, Your Birth, Your coming into this world.

Come play with Us, my friend.
Join in the celebration of this day.
Your Birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!

Picture by Tirzah

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