Monday, September 7, 2009

the Heart is Full!

My heart is full! Great Mother, I have made new friends, traveled, received many treasures, and found some quiet for my Soul. Great Mother, I was given an opportunity to understand how small, I am. Yet, how important a part each of us plays in the ripple of action. Laying in your arms of warm ocean, I could feel the life blood. Though I was far from the place I call home, I swam in the same ocean, walked and laughed on the same sands, that have traveled round the world and back again. I have been kissed by the Sun, and made new of Spirit, by your Grace. Tasted fruit, that gave pause, yet the abundance of what grew so readily at hand; took my breath away. Thank you Great Mother. Thank you also Great Mother that you kept the Captain, crew and all of us on the flight free from harm. To this day Great Mother, I am in awe every time I lift from the ground in flight and land once again to touch your belly. Great Mother My heart is full! I am blessed. I am most Grateful for your love. Blessings to you.

photo of hearts on the wall in Rincon, PR
well sort of Rincon, PR - taken on a scouting trip!

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