Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Evening Song

Setting sun, the day is done.
I sing to you as I lay myself to rest.
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Star Nation
Welcome~ my eyes are happy to see you
As you wrap the world in night.

Teach me the night songs.
What landscape will I travel?
The guidance that is offered,
Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Sweet Star Nation
Sing your songs to me.

Hold me through the might
That I may rise with the morning Sun,
Full of possibility
My day is done,
I am grateful, I am blessed.

Another day, of laughter
Tears and Joy
Mother Earth, Father Sky
Thank you for the gift
Of Being.

Rest well,
Wrapped in my gratitude
My love of Life.
By your Grace, I am Blessed
I sing your Holy Name!

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