Tuesday, September 8, 2009


O' Creator
Let me Listen
Invite me to hear
From the inside of my heart.
O' Creator
Let me Sit
Invite me to stillness
In the uncertainty of the moment.
O' Creator
Teach me to listen,
Deep inside my Soul
To hear the wisdom of your words.
O' Creator
Teach me to sit
Simmering, with possibility
That I may become all of Who you see.
O' Creator
I am blessed, by your Love
Your Grace,
Your invitation to life.
O' Creator
I am filled with Gratitude
For this time, of being stew.
Grant me the wisdom, to simmer.
I am Your fruit.
I will come to the feast.
Grateful and with a Happiness You, Creator have brought me.

photo taken by the Amazingly good egg and friend Debbie G.

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