Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Moon, On the Ides of March

Grandmother Moon,
Emotions running high
Let this wash us clean.
Rain and tide,
Be gentle with the flooding
Grandmother Moon, I ask of you.
May we find compassion,
In all that twists and turns.

Guide us, Grandmother Moon,
Turning us toward Love, as we
Surrender the grips of fear that hold our Heart.
Show us the way,
As you again glide gentle into the sky
The smallest of silvers, shining in the Darkness.

Grandmother Moon,
Let my heart flood with Kindness,
Teach us this Re-membering of our Self.
The Soul, that can die and be reborn anew.
Gentle and loving.

Thank you Grandmother Moon,
Each cycle you bring a gift,
An opportunity to grow to fullness,
Releasing what does not serve.
Thank you for your sweet light,
Grandmother Moon,
Thank your for your soft singing to sleep

Wisdom Song a 14'drum looking like a full moon

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