Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vernal Equinox, Welcome Oh, Glorious Spring

Invite yourself on this the beginning of Spring
to awaken your senses.
We've all noticed how the shift of the light,
the feel of the spring sun makes us feel.
Note, also the desire to throw open the windows.
What then the windows of our Souls,
Let in and Invite
never before imaged dreams.
Breathe in the air filled with a richness,
not noticed during our Winter's rest.
These are the Dreams and Desires to create for
ourselves new opportunities, to re-direct our paths.
Sweep out - Rake out if need be;
Forgive and break out of old Habits and Patterns.
May the air that you Breathe be filled with the richness of the Universe.
May that which you eat remind you of the Great bountifulness of Life.
May you always have a hand to hold in times of need, you do not walk alone.
May your name be spoken with the reverence that is your Devin-ness.
May your hearts eyes be open to both a Gladness and small Sorrows;
that your Life be well Lived.


~ Rosemary

this from a Gallic Prayer

May the Nourishment of the Earth be yours.
May the Clarity of Light be yours.
May the fluidly of the Ocean be yours.
May the Protection of Ancestors be yours,
and May a slow wind wrap these words of love
around you like an invisible cloak to mind your Life.

photo of Winter Aconite - from Ann's garden

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  1. yes, a cloak of love around ourselves and thee. thanks, for the love words and images.