Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homestead Sweat Lodge

The fire is made ready
We give thanks for the songs of the Tall Ones,
That came to burn and warm
Stone People to heat the Lodge and hear our Prayers.
All that will sit with us this day in the Lodge.
Thunkasila, we give Thanks.
Please hear our Prayers Thunkasila.

Hau Kola
Our Prayers, tobacco and corn.
We come to this Lodge today
To sing and pray.
We bring our Prayers,
Wrapped in cloth
To guide us in our time of need.
We come in Gratitude,
We come to Sing of Healing.
Thunkasila, we Thank you.
For taking this time with us.
Please hear our Prayers, Thunkasila.

We sit and pray
East, we ask for Guidance and Direction.
Each time more Stone People, Thunkasila
Come to hear our songs and Prayers
.South, we ask for forgiveness, and you show us Kindness
More Stone People, Thunkasila
Hear our songs, Prayer, and help us release
We sit now in the West, Thunkasila
We pray for Courage,
The Lodge still and prayerful.
Stone People, come as we sing and Pray
North, Thunkasila
The Ancestors, guide us with Strength and Endurance
We sing, pray and laugh for those that we love.
Please hear our Prayers Thunkasila.

Grateful for this time with you, Thunkasila
Thank you, we are cleansed and blessed by your presence.
We are Thankful, a gift of the Sweat Lodge
To send to you our songs, our prayer, request
Please hear our Prayers Thunkasila.
Thank you Thunkasila.

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