Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayer in Difficult Times

Great Creator,
Hear my plea, I am but one of many
I ask that you continue to share with me the morning Sun
A gentle reminder that each day opens with new Possibilities.
Great Creator,
You show me the way of forgiveness and kindness
I am thankful for this gift.
I thank you also for the times you forgive me,
When I falter in forgiving others.
Great Creator,
Help guide me toward my own Courage
To face these difficult times with my head held high.
Allow me the courage without being so Proud as to not ask for help.
Great Creator,
Show me the ways of strength and endurance,
That I may learn to give more and do with less.
I know that I have enough that I can share.
Oh, Great Creator,
Thank you for the Sky of blue, and the gifts of Breath.
As I take in each Breath, I am reminded that it is life,
A gift you gave for your children.
Oh, Great Creator
Help us Heal,
That we may be better stewards of our Mother Earth.
Show us your ways of Being.
I thank you,
Great Creator for listening and hearing my voice,
For I am but one in a sea of voices.
Thank you, Great Creator.
Thank you!

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