Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Vernal Equinox

Happy Vernal Equinox!
Welcome Spring.

Well, Spring is here my friends
and if you think it's been a long Winter
try Saturn's at 30 years or Uranus at 84!
They too enter into Spring today!

What an Amazing Universe
we LIVE in.

Welcome Welcome Spring!

May all that has been dreaming this Winter come to the light.
The Sun our source of light, love, power and Life.
Call forth with its radiance
Come out and Dance
Be you, Earthworm, flower bulbs planted deep.
Come out into the Illumination.
Tall ones, Winged and Furred
Swimmers of the Deep, all Finned
Feel the warmth of the Light.
Oh, you two-legged Humankind,
Let the radiance of the Sun,
Illuminate your Heart.
May all invite their inner light
to shine.
Share in this day the great Blessings.
Offered, taste the warmth on your skin.
Smell it on the tip of your tongue.
Feel the song of all creatures as there is a
Deep Gladness.
Mother Earth awakens.
Breathe deep of the Joy.
Join in the Mystery of Life.

Welcome Spring.

20.03 09
Rosemary S. Erb

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