Friday, March 6, 2009

Gifts of Friends and Struggle

Creator Spirit
It's me again
A child of this wondrous Universe
I want to say Thank you,
Thank you for the gifts of Struggle
They have taught me to leave pride on the side of the road
It is not to say I am not Proud of being Me,
It is the pride, I have laid down.
To ask honestly for help.

Thank you for the gift of Friends,
Creator Spirit.
With out them life would be too difficult to bear.
To listen to their sorrows and laughter, reminds me
I am part of a greater whole.
I am not alone on this path I walk.
Thank you, I have been given many opportunity
To offer help, and receive it as well.

Creator Spirit,
It is indeed me again.
I am grateful that I am able to speak
To you each day.
That you will take the time to listen
With an Open Heart-
Thank you,
May I learn to be more like you.
Blessings on All this day.
photo taken by the famous T. Griffin

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