Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessings of Beltane 2011

As the fires of the night burn low in the fields,
A new day awakens,
In Gratitude and Joy
Great Mother, Great Father
Above and Below
We came singing to your Wedding.

We lit the fires of the debris of last year,
We pray our offerings you would enjoy.
We are grateful for the fertility you whisper on the Earth,
Humbled by the Mystery that harkens in our Souls.

Great Mother, Great Father
Mother Earth, Father Sky
Your Union of the Elementals
Each mid –Spring,
Fire of Passion, Water of Forgiveness,
Earth of Re-membering, Light of Renewal
Guide us in our dreams,
In our waking
Joining the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

Guide us to understand that All Beings
Share in your bounty,
That as we breathe, so do you.
As Our heart’s beat,
We hear Your Song in Harmony.
Guide us Great Mother, Great Father
By your Grace we Live.

As the Beltane fires of what no longer serves,
Burn down, and the New Day awakens,
Guide us,
To Sow that which is in Service,
Kindness, Compassion and Love.
Let us hear Songs of Joy instead of Hatred.
Once again,
Great Mother, Great Father
You have Blessed our Fields
In Fertility~
We pray that we do not squander this gift.

Blessings to you Great Mother, Great Father
We are filled with Gratitude for your gifts.
May we invite the Mystery and Magic to
Fill us with True Wonder
That we may share with All Being.
Guide us to live in Peaceable Harmony.

image is of a Jack in the Pulpit seed pod~

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