Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn Blessing 23.09.11

Day and Night
A reminder of the cycles
Sacred Equinox

What seeds did I plant?
In the Spring~
A marriage again of day and night.
What seeds did I nurture
That now I may harvest?

What seeds did I allow to go fallow?
Intention, that I turned away?
What might I now prepare?
Where is my life no longer in Balance?

May the Abundance of the Harvest
Fill us with Joy.
May our Hearts and Souls Sing with a gladness
Peace and Compassion,
Spill over the land.

May the Winds,
Whisper to us,
Guiding us to Re-member
Who We are.

May we feel the Ripeness
Of Possibility with each
Giving Gratitude for all the Blessings~
We have received.

May our hearts be filled with Warmth
A Kindness toward our fellow Beings.
Awakening to Our knowing that
We are all connected

May we come to know
The Night as friend,
Finding in this quite time
Rest and Dreams.

Let us give Thanks to
Mother Gaia, Father Sky
To all those that have walked before and behind us
We are Blessed to wake to this Day.

May all Love surround you,
As you find within,
Your Sacred Equinox,
Your sense of Balance.
Your Divine Nature~
Blessings I give to thee
In Gratitude


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