Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Wings of Our Love - Homeward

Oh, Divine Universe
A simple request for those we Love
The New Stars shining in the Evening Sky.
Guide them in their moment of Surprise,
Their newness that is an oldness.

No longer is there a need for them to Breathe
No longer may they feel us hold them.
Let them feel our Love Surround them,
As we weep, singing of who they are, now were
May this become the Wings of Love,
That carry them Homeward.

Oh, Divine Universe
In your Grace,
We Sing, Love, Live
This cycle of Returning and Re-membering
Guide our friends, these Bright New Stars
On Wings of Our Love

Oh, Divine Universe
Your arms held wide to Hold them
Guide us also in our time of Sorrow
A friend, their last breath, gone.
Your great Compassion.
On Wings of Our Love,
They come Homeward.

All my love to Mary L and friends of Jim Daniels
You will be missed.
Photo of Crow taken by Tirzah Griffin

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