Friday, April 10, 2009

10th April 2009- Fullish Moon Compline

Sweet Grandmother Moon
I have watched you this week
In fog, and clear sky
So beautiful as you moved toward your fullness.
A beacon so bright that even the city lights
Bow to you.

Sweet Grandmother Moon,
Whisper a story to us, tell of your travels.
Sing us a song for the day is done.
Sing to us in dreamtime.
Tell us of the Mysteries of the Stars
Tell us of your sister, whos returned from the underworld
Venus ~ shining in the early morning hours.
The both of you hanging in the pre-dawn sky.

Sweet Grandmother Moon
I bid you Good Night
For the day is done.
Watch over as I sleep.
Whisper a song of your travels.
That I may dream with you tonight.
Laying by your side.

Moon over Seattle, photo T.Griffin
Thank you, my friend.

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