Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goddess of Courage

Goddess of Courage,
Thank you for standing with me.
Some days feel so difficult to bare,
Goddess of Courage,
Guide me to my true Nature.
A Nature full of Laughter with myself.
Show me the ways of Compassion for myself
That in turn I may share with others.
Goddess of Courage,
Teach me that to care for myself is a Selfless Act.
I need to learn that I need to come first,
That I may then care for those in need.
Goddess of Courage,
Know that I am grateful for the obstacles I have walked.
I am beautiful to my eyes,
Help me shine bright that others may shine as well.
Goddess of Courage,
Thank you for walking with me.
May I continue to grow and serve.
Thank you, Goddess of Courage

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