Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Prayer this Day of Giving Thanks

We come together as Family and Friends
We come together to share our Gratitude.

We pray and sing of all that is Joyous.
Yea, let us also sing of our Sorrows,
Here this day in the company of Love.
For is our Life not made of both?

Have we not found Thankfulness,
In our times of Sorrow?
Sadness hiding for a moment
When we are full of Joy?

Yea, let us be Thankful for all
The pearls of Hope,
Found held in our hands.

Pearls of Friendship
Shelter and Food.
Strung together with Love, Compassion
And the Grace of the Divine Universe.

Let us be Thankful not just for today
For each moment that we are able to
Have Breathe, to sing, dance, Love.

Let us be Thankful for Life
That is Lived
Moments and days so brilliant, the light may never dim.
Followed and marked by the Ordinary, the Mundane for they make
For the Extraordinary that takes our Breath away.

Let us pray and sing a Song of Gladness and Gratitude.
Let our Voices rise that none need live in Fear.
Let there be Hope.
May our voices Rise to shelter those in need.
May we find a way to forgive , when we see that we are holding Anger.

Yea, Let us Sing our Praise of Thankfulness.
For all the days of our Life.


I am Thankful to you my Friends, the Pearls of my life.
Thank you for sharing all the moments.
Laughter and tears.
May you feel my love wrap round you, giving you shelter in time of Storm and Sun.
Thank you.

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