Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stumble and Fall...

Creator Mother
Guide me,
To understand my obstacles,
That they may show me a gentler way to be.
When I stumble and fall,
It is not that I am failing,
I have tripped because my eyes were shut.
Allow my heart to open to all.
Invite my emotions to be true to the moment.
Not some long ago hurt or situation.

Creator Mother,
Soften the words of anger against myself,
For when I am kinder to myself,
I find my kindness flows like a river.
Guide me to use what is no longer needed by me
To create a loving space for others.
Help me to create a community of caring.

Creator Mother,
Teach me the ways of being alone.
Warp your love around me, when I am lonely.
I have learned these two spaces are different.
It is the lonely that I struggle with.
Teach me to be gentle here,
That I can move forward with compassion.

Creator Mother,
Help me to be there for friend and enemy when
We stumble and fall.
We are all your children, all in need of love.
Guide me in love.
I give Thanks for this day.

photo taken at the studio of Naked Earth.
Thank you DKG.

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