Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blessing for the Old and the New

Great Spirit, we stand today
A thin veil between the passing year
Awaiting the coming new.

To add to this great Mystery of turning calendar pages
Great Spirit, you have gifted us a Blue Moon.
Something that comes usually but once a year.
To this is added a sky wonder of a Lunar Eclipse.
Reminding us there is much old business to attend.

Great Spirit, Father Time, guide us with Courage,
That we may look at what no longer serves us,
Us as singular beings and US as collective beings.
Guide us toward the highest good.
May we be grateful for the teachings of this past year,
Some bringing sorrow, others joy and laughter.

Great Spirit, Father Time, guide us with Hope and Open Hearts,
For there is much wonder and mystery before us.
Teach us the ways of looking behind for the growth,
Not in anger and hurt.
Teach and guide us that Love, Peace, and Compassion
Are the path.
Guide us with and in Kindness.

Great Spirit, Father Time,
We are children coming to the party
This eve, full of excitement for what may be;
Guide us to hold that place of excitement and awe
A place that has no expectations.
All is Mystery and Wonder.
Father Time, we thank you for this last year
With all that we lived.
We look forwarded to the new image of you as a baby.
How wonderful to be reminded that sometimes, something dies
For the new to come in to being.
Thank you Great Spirit, Father Time
May the New Year bring Prosperity, Health and Love
To all.

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  1. Wishing you a year filled with love and joy. I am excited for the possibilities of being closer and seeing you more.