Saturday, December 5, 2009

Enough? What does it really mean?

Oh, Mother
I want to lay in your arms
Be held safe.
I wish to weep, and moan
Why am I not enough?
At the same time I hear all around me
Oh, my she is too much, she's so intense.
What do these labels mean.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Let my tears fall to bring growth.
Let my eyes and face shine with the
Glory of Life,
The Mystery of Being.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Remind me that I am enough.
That I am ME - which is all you ask of me
My tears fall like a river,
I long to be held,
To laugh with myself and another deep into the dark.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Today, I feel like a motherless child.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Show me, a way to be gentle to myself.
Have Compassion for the times I am lonely.
Enough, I want to understand what that truly means.
Are we all not Enough for us?
For the Great Mystery, the Divine Nature?
Hold me Sweet Mother,
I am but a Motherless child.
So, very grateful for your love wrapped around me.
Hold me Sweet Mother,
Till the tears turn to laughter.
Shelter me

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