Saturday, October 31, 2009

Samhain - All Hallow's Eve - Day of the Dead- All Saint's Day

Three day's between the 31st of Oct and the 2nd of Nov, by which ever name you choose to celebrate, it is still all about the Ancestors!
I would like to invite us one and all during these days to Light a candle, a Path with a Prayer and Song upon our lips - may we Breathe our Blessings upon All who are no longer with us and the soon to Pass on. May we invite the unquiet souls to be led with Blessedness to find Peace and rest at last.

O Great Mystery
We call on the Great Four Winds that in your wisdom
You have gifted Breath
We call on these Winds
East Wind, the direction of the Rising Sun, New Beginnings.
Grateful today, and the Breathe we take in your name.
South Wind, the direction of Fire, Shedding of the Old, that which does not serve.
Grateful today this opportunity to Serve well.
Shedding our Past - inviting ourselves to burn with Divine reciprocity.
West Wind, the direction of Water and the Setting Sun.
Grateful today, this life giving force.
Grateful for the Crescent Moon this eve, as night draws near and we
are gifted with Dreams.
North Wind, the direction of Earth, Home to the Great Ancestors gone and yet to be born.
Grateful for the gift of Linage, that in the beginning and in the end, we are all part of the Linage of Humans.
May we treasure this gift treating each other as we ourselves desire to be treated.

Let us gift Thanks as well to Father Sky, Sister Moon and the Star Nation who will shine this Eve, holding all your creatures, winged, furred, finned, creepy crawlers, four legged and two legged under their blanket of Light through the Dark Night.

Let us gift Thanks to our home Mother Earth and her Sisters the Great Waters of the World, for the most amazing gift of Gravity. This gift that holds us to our home is truly a mystery, that though science can explain it only you, Great Creator now how it truly came to be.

Let us gift Thanks to all of our Friends you have the ability to See and Hear our Stories.
Today and tonight may your stories be sweet, may your treats fill you with gladness.
May the tricks scare you just enough to remind you that
your Heart is still beating,echoing the sound of the Mother, and that Great Spirit loves the sound of drumming.

Be Well, Travel Safe this day on which ever Path you may choose.
Know you are a child of the Great Mystery.

Blessed Samhain.
May the New Year be bright.

Crow's Alchemy

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