Thursday, January 29, 2009

After the Snow - A Prayer for City Services

Oh, the snow did fall
Mother Nature, Winter
A thicker blanket of snow upon the ground
Pray for those that Plow our Streets,
Police and Emergency Vehicles

Watch over them as they do there job
Clearing our streets and watching over
Their fellow Humankind.
Sometimes needing to rush flying
Toward a Hospital.
Or helping someone to a Shelter.

Watch over them
The roads slick with icy
When most of us are home
Work having closed early, no work at all
Out there in the world, watching over us.

Pray for them, as they watch through
The night,
Lights flashing like some distant star
Doing their best to clear the streets
Of snow, piled high.

Watch over and keep them safe
We thank you Mother Nature, Winter, Creator God
Watch over them as they watch over us.

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