Monday, January 12, 2009

Newest Travel Plans - a Tribute to Stephen C. Lesneski 1951-2009

We all knew that you were getting ready
To head on to a new destination.
You always the adventurer,
Always on the move.
Sailing, climbing, running, biking
Sometimes slowing to a walk.
A new place, person to meet.
Stories to listen to, ones to share.
Arms open to the Adventure.
This one, you weren't sure.
Were thinking - you'd like to postpone.

You asked me once what I knew
My reply satisfied - I couldn't remember the last time I'd been.
You said you weren't ready to say you were going.

The last time I saw you,
A couple of days before, Paul came in.
We talked a little.
He asked if I had Siblings
I do - did you know that?
I'm not sure how much about me I shared.
More important it seemed to know You.
You were moving on from the moment we met.
August 2008 - not so long ago.
I am hoping that knowing me helped you.
My hands easing some of the sadness.

It snowed heavy the day you decided to leave
Off on that Journey
The ferry man's money in your palm.
May the winds you have be warm, following seas to take you Home.
Perhaps, you'll send a whisper or two of the place you are.
Travel well, my friend. Travel well.
Till next our paths do cross.


  1. Thank you for such a lovely tribute to someome I knew years ago. He would have been pleased. AWOL