Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gentle Hands

Divine Creator,
Thank you for Hands
My hands, strong,
Knotted and well used.
Divine Creator
I ask that you bring more hands
That are kind, hands that hold other hands.
Gentle hands, ones that know how to soothe a hurt,
mend a button.
Kind hands.
Bring another's hands to their lips to kiss.
Hands that are knowing, that speak;
No word do we hear.
Hands that belong to mothers and fathers
Sisters and brothers, friend's hands
Divine Creator,
I am most grateful for my hands!
Invite to the world more
Hands that make love and art and kindness
Hands that can sit quiet in another's
Hands that know what Peace means and feels like.
Hands that can tie a knot, mend a fence, bake a cookie.
Divine Creator,
Thank you for the gift of my strong, knotted, used hands.
My beautiful hands.


  1. I too am gateful for your hands. I have felt their strength, known their love, and heard their songs (kneading dough, chopping vegetables, pushing a pattern thru the sewing needle, reaching out...).
    I too am grateful for your hands.

  2. I too am grateful for your hands. As they help me get through my journey, massage my body, cook my food, help me make art, play with me, hold me, I too am grateful for your hands. AWOL