Saturday, January 10, 2009

Migraine - is it possible to find the beauty?

I wake with a Migraine,
The train that is running is shaking my body
The lights - one might as well be on acid.
Which has long ago left my things to do list.

A migraine, and I am wondering as the day
Has dragged on brutally
Unable to eat, barely move
Could I - can I find some beauty here?

Something to be thankful for?
A little Gratitude?
No, there are times that we will -
Okay I will speak only for me
There are times when I can't seem to find the beauty
The Gratefulness that I wish I could.

My body aches, my head pounds
A beautiful winter day that is WAY to bright
I hide inside, not only in my space, but in my Space
Finding the quite.
Beauty - it has been a long time since,
I have been assailed by one of these.
Grateful indeed for that!
Is there beauty in suffering?
I'm not so sure.

Breathe, I remind myself.
For there in does lay a trick- a beauty!
Breath - the Divine nature - a name
An exhalation and release.
Lost an entire day
A sadness
Yet, I am alive.
A ship's bell rings softly-
I am grateful today for this gentle one.
Alive, I can feel.
There too is a beauty!
How many of us choose not to feel,
To shut our emotions down.
No pain - no gain - ha, I dislike this line.
No laughter - no gain
Living is both, sorrow, pain - laughter and Hope.
I will continue this breath
Hold on to - then exhale what I do not need.

I will say Thank you for this small unnerving Migraine
That today reminds me of how far a journey I have travelled.
How much love I share in the world.
How absolutely Peace full it was outside my bedroom window
In the middle of the city, on a very busy street.
I will long for a snow fall -
To be able to hear it's song.
To feel the Divine!
Yes, I suppose one could find beauty-
It invites us to be alive.

I will wait for tomorrow
A new day, filled with new possibilities.
I will gently slap my face and say
"It's show time."
Tomorrow will become today.

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