Friday, January 23, 2009

Might we Pray

Today, at the end of my day-
I thought -"Goodness, I have not thought about our President and his family"
If I/we don't think/pray of their safe keeping in the hands of a Greater Being
Then how is it I ask myself-
Can they keep me/us in their thoughts?

I have come to realize that indeed
Each day we need, desire to pray!
Have conversation with that, that is greater then ourselves.
In a loose translation of the Lakota - "That which moves all that which moves"
To say and speak what is in our hearts.
Then to listen - wait and truly listen.
For it is in the quite that we might hear.

The waking of a dream.
The early hours of dawn that call to us.
Perhaps the late nights we lay next to the love of our heart.
Watching those we love as they sleep- safely under our gaze.

Oh, yes Great Creator
This night I beg you,
Keep our new President, Mr. Obama and his family
Wrapped safely~ that the courage and fortitude that helped place him in the White House
May come to the fruition that is a Vision for a brighter tomorrow.
Not for us of the United States alone,
Yet, also for the greater good of Humankind.
This night I will light a candle
In your name Oh, Great Creator.
Hold also those dear to my heart
Close at hand.
As I learn each day to abide in you.

Thank you Great Creator
May you sleep well
As I bid you, Good Night!

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