Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Epiphany, Friends as Gifts

The Magi came
Following the Star, the Light
Bearing gifts in Gratitude.

An insight,
You, my Friend
Are a Gift.
I am most Grateful
Bring me not things,
Come sit with me, share with me.
You, my Friend are the Gift.

Blessings, my Friend.
You, who have shared your Sorrow
Your laughter.
A walk around the block,
Sharing with me your inner most thoughts.
Those who have sat as Witness in Silence
As I have Struggled and Grown.
Thank you, dear friend
For being part of my World.

Thank you, Dear Friend
Your presence in my day
Makes Life a Joy.
I walk not alone, you beloved
Walk with me, beside me
Within me, I carry you in my Heart.

Thank you, you are the Gift
I have waited for.
The Magi, have shared the Light, the Joy
The moment of Realization~
What Gift might I share with the World,
What greater Gift, then Ourselves?
Thank you, Dear Ones
For Sharing, Your Divine Light!

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