Saturday, January 15, 2011

For Jodi~A Blessing into Motherhood.

This was written on request by my friend Laurie, I am Honoured to know both she and Jodi. I am blessed that I was asked to write this for a gathering of Women to celebrate the coming of a child. Feel free to change the name for a friend. Welcome to all Women as Mother's. We are Mother's of many, with or without a child, yet are we all not children? Blessings to those who choose the path of Motherhood in their highest becoming. Blessings to all who stand with friends as they walk the path of Parenthood. It indeed takes a community to raise a child.

For Jodi ~ A Blessing into Motherhood

A child has called to you,
As you have called to them.
Invite yourself to be held in this Wonder.
This Love,
Your heart walking upon the Earth.
Come play and join us,
Stardust that you are.

Great Mother Gaia, we call to you
You, who for all time has shown us the way.
Guide us in the way of Motherhood
Come play with us
Join us in this Celebration
Your Child Jodi, is heavy with Joy, little E
Soon, you will feel her little ones feet
Walking, too upon your great belly.
Share with us Great Mother Gaia,
Your Love, Our Love
Jodi’s calling into Motherhood

We call for the Grace of the Elements,
That they may teach us
The Warp and Weave
Guiding Jodi, preparing her for
All the unknowns.
Oh, yes, Sweet Mother Gaia, Winds, and Elements
We believe we know what it means.
This growing inside our belly
Undefined and infinite
The laughter of the first kick outward
Oh, the Mystery
The sheer Delight we experience.

As Jodi’s friends, guide us
To share in her
Laughter and Tears
Sharing in this Responsibility to Life.
Each Child, brings into this World
It’s own lesson to be learned
We ask that Jodi, be blessed.
Knowing that You have already blessed her
In this Dance of Motherhood.

Sweet Mother Gaia, Winds and Elementals
What Gifts might you share?
On the Winds of Patience,
Let there be Tenderness
For there will be times with no sleep,
On the Winds of Courage,
Let there be an Open Heart
For we know not what the future holds.
On the Winds of Laughter,
Let there be Tears,
Sharing in Joy and Sorrow.
On the Winds of Anger,
Let there be this Memory
Of the Joy you feel for this New Diviness you carry.
Sweet Winds of Freedom,
Let there be a Gladness
For all that you may share, learn and teach.
On the Winds of the Unknown
Let there be skills,
That we do not know to ask for,
That you may Remember to ask for Help.
On the Winds of Wisdom
Let there be an Willingness toward Openness
That perhaps, I don't know what's best.

Oh, Sweet Jodi,
You share in the choosing
Entering into the Warp and Weave of Mothers.
Let us Sing, Dance, Shout out your Gladness.
And Ours
Let us stand with you, Friends, Sisters, Mothers,
Women folk~
Welcome, welcome Sing the Stars
Welcome Jodi,
The Universe holds you in it’s hands.
Come Play with us in Motherhood.
Blessings to you, Sweet Jodi
Welcome to this Place of your deepest Becoming.

With love Rosemary
15 January 2011

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  1. ohhhh...this is soul beautiful. Thank you, thank you for your gift!

  2. Thank you~ might I assume that you know Jodi and Laurie? I'm always curious how folks find me.